10 Colorbond Fence Maintenance Tips

Colorbond is a product used for many applications, especially for roofs, fences and gates. It’s undeniably one of the most durable, long-lasting, and aesthetically appealing materials widely used in Perth and across Australia. For all these reasons alone – especially when considering its low maintenance fencing requirements, makes Colorbond fencing an attractive choice for Perth homeowners. But it does need some care to keep it in good condition. Proper maintenance will keep it looking good and keep the cost of replacing or repairing Colorbond down. In most cases, maintaining Colorbond fences and gate’s is relatively easy. Here are ten tips to extend the life of your fence:

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1. Give it a hose

Hosing the fence down regularly is crucial to keep it in its best condition. This mostly removes the cobwebs that tend to build up on fencing, eventually making the fence lose some of its great looks. Of course, a good bout of rainfall is just as effective in this regard, and you will not have to worry about the water damaging the fence. If you live near Perth’s coastal areas with salty air, it’s best to wash down your fence more often than usual.

2. Use mild cleaning materials for your fence

While Colorbond fences and gates have durable surfaces, you will want to be gentle when cleaning them, avoid using harsh cleaning products and opt for a mild solution of soap/detergent or non-abrasive kitchen cleaner in warm water. A wet sponge or a soft brush will help to clean off dirt and debris.

3. Remove soil build-up

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While water striking the fence due to hosing, sprinklers, or rainfall will not do any damage to your fence or gates, if the fence is in continuous contact with water for weeks and months on end, the metal can start to corrode. Soil building up at the bottom of your fence can accumulate and retain water and moisture, damaging your Colorbond fences. You would be well-served by grabbing a shovel and ensuring the soil levels remain low at the base of the fence. Under no circumstances should your fence be used as a retaining wall — it is not designed for this purpose.

4. Do not use fertilisers

Take care not to spray the fence with garden sprays or fertilisers, as this can be detrimental. Fertilisers also often contain corrosive chemicals, such as ammonium sulphate, which is unsuitable for metallic objects. If your Colorbond gate or fence accidentally comes into contact with fertilisers, you’ll want to wash it off as soon as possible.

5. Avoid rainfall pooling

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Additionally, rainfall may have detrimental effects if it pools at the base of your fencing, as it will compromise its integrity. To avoid rainwater pooling, the best way to fix this is to ensure adequate drainage. You may need to do some landscaping work to give your fence some space for proper drainage. Periodic inspections of the ground around a fence should be performed for early signs of deterioration, which can be caused by excess water pooling against fences.

6. Skip touch-up paint

Give it a miss where possible. It’s strongly recommended not to use touch-up paint on your fencing in the instance of minor scratches. The manufacturing process gives the colour and gloss retention properties; because of these properties, the surface is known to weather a little differently to air-drying paint. If you decide to touch up your fence, you may be left with a blotchy look as the different paints fade.

7. Use paint for fading and chalking

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If you do need to repaint your fence, you can do so with regular paint. It’s best to give it a good clean first by mopping with a soft bristle brush and make sure you hose the surface down with water and then let it dry. Once the fence is completely clean, you should go over it with quality water-based exterior acrylic. Two coats are the recommended amount. Bear in mind, however, that this will void your warranty with Bluescope.

8. Fix graffiti problems as soon as possible

There is nothing worse than stepping out to your front garden to see that graffiti artists have vandalised your beautiful fence. You will want to take steps towards graffiti removal, but you do not want to void your warranty when doing so. BlueScope allows you to use graffiti remover, but you must do it according to BlueScope’s guidelines. Specifically, you should use Du-Pont graffiti remover and make sure you follow the directions on the package. Du-Pont can be bought from any Bunnings.

9. Make sure nothing is leaning on your fence

While strong and durable, heavy leaning objects on your fence can weaken it over time. Not only that, placing items against your Colorbond fence and gates can cause scratches and markings.

10. Consult Colorbond fencing contractors and experts

If you still have doubts about how to maintain your Colorbond fence, seek experts’ advice. They can provide you with more detailed instructions on how to keep your fence looking beautiful.

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