Aluminium Slat Fencing vs PVC Fencing: A Comprehensive Comparison

Are you looking for a modern and highly durable fence for your property? Aluminium slat fencing and PVC fencing are both fantastic options, offering a sleek look that will elevate your outdoor space while providing security and privacy. We’ve completed an in-depth comparison of these two popular fencing styles to help you make the best choice for your home. 

Fence Appearance

If you want to keep it strictly sleek and modern, an aluminium slat fence might be for you. This type of fencing is also very customisable, with a wide range of slat widths and finishes (including wood-look or traditional powder coated) to choose from. We can place slats vertically or horizontally, and closer together or further apart, depending on the level of privacy or visibility you desire. There’s also the option to add gates and cut-outs for letterboxes. 

PVC fencing offers more options for those who prefer a more classic or Hamptons-inspired aesthetic; however, there are limited colours to choose from. Your PVC picket fence can be customised with a flat or gothic scalloped edge to create a ‘cottage’ feel identical to a wooden picket fence but without the heavy maintenance. Gates and letterbox cut-outs are also available for PVC fences. 

Need complete privacy? We’d recommend choosing a PVC privacy fence. While aluminium slats can be placed close together, they don’t offer full block out. We can also customise PVC privacy fences with lattices on top. 

Aluminium Horizontal Slat Fencing in Western Red Cedar
Modern PVC Picket Fencing Hazelmere 2
Modern white picket fencing made from high-quality PVC fence panels

Fence Durability

PVC and aluminium slat fencing are some of the most durable options available on the market. 

We install a lot of PVC fencing in Perth for its durability, especially around coastal areas. It’s a fantastic alternative for people who love the look of painted wood fencing but don’t want the hassle and expense of heavy ongoing maintenance. Unlike wood, PVC fences require little maintenance and are resistant to rot, corrosion and termites. Spot cleaning and a regular hose down is all you need to do to keep it free of debris and staining. Because they’re made of flexible material, they also stand up well in Perth’s windy conditions. We’ll add that our PVC fencing has an extended 30-year warranty for your peace of mind. 

Aluminium slat fencing is also incredibly durable and won’t rust in coastal areas like steel. If you like the look of natural wooden slat fencing, consider choosing wood finish aluminium slats instead – they create a similar look but are much more durable and low maintenance. The only downfall is that aluminium slats can oxidise and lose their lustre over time, which can be prevented by applying car wax to the surface. Team Work Fencing’s aluminium EZI-SLAT fences come with a 7-year warranty for every install, covering colours and finishes.

TWF White PVC Fence 2
New English Flat – PVC Picket Fencing and Gates Perth
Aluminium Slat Fencing
Powder Coated Grey Aluminium Slat Fencing

Fence Cost

PVC fencing is cheaper than most fencing materials, including timber, but still looks the part. Aluminium slat fencing is much more expensive but has a wider range of colours and building options. For example, slats can be placed vertically, horizontally or in a blade/louvre style to suit your requirements.

As both options offer durability, low maintenance and extended warranties, PVC fencing and aluminium slat fencing are likely to have fewer ongoing costs than other materials.

Aluminium slat fencing and gates in Perth cost from $200 – $250 per square meter, depending on the slat spacing, colour, quantity and style you choose. In comparison, a PVC fence (picket or privacy) will cost from $100 per square meter depending on the style.

Pricing can fluctuate due to the availability of materials, so request a quote from Team Work Fencing to get an accurate idea of pricing for your project.

TWF PVC 051022a
Add a touch of elegance to your property with full Privacy PVC fence with Lattice Top
Wood-Grain Style Aluminum Horizontal Slat Fencing Perth WA
Wood grain finish aluminium slat fencing

Fence Installation

Both options have a quick and easy installation process with minimal disruption to the surrounding environment, so you’ll be enjoying your new fence in next to no time! Both can be installed on top of retaining walls.

Aluminium slat fencing can be a bit fiddly to install, as it can be difficult to evenly space the slats within a given space.

While the installation process for PVC is a little easier, the panels must be handled with care to avoid scratches and marks. This is especially important to keep in mind if you choose to DIY.

Fence Maintenance

One of the best things about PVC fencing and aluminium slat fencing is that they require little maintenance. 

In our opinion, PVC is the ultimate low-maintenance winner. Spot cleaning and an occasional wash down with the garden hose is all it needs to look its best. 

Aluminium slats need a little more care when cleaning to avoid damaging the surface finish – be sure to avoid solvents and abrasive cleansers. You may wish to occasionally apply a layer of car wax to prevent oxidation and maintain your fence’s lustre.

Which is better for DIY?

Great news! There are DIY options for both aluminium EZI-SLAT fencing and PVC fencing, which can help you save money on installation costs. You can order materials directly through Team Work Fencing.

Both are at a similar difficulty level for DIY installation; however, EZI-SLAT fencing requires more screws and tools to complete. You’ll also have to calculate even spacing between the slats for your space, which can be challenging. This is why we’d say that PVC fencing is the easier option if you want to DIY. You can read more about DIY PVC fencing here

Aluminium Slat Fencing vs PVC Fencing: The Pros and Cons

To summarise, we’ve compiled a quick-reference pros and cons list for each fence type below.

We hope this comparison can help you make an informed choice about choosing the right fence for your property. Have further questions, need personalised advice or want a quote for your fence install? Feel free to contact us by email or call (08) 9450 1626 to speak with a Team Work Fencing contractor today.

Aluminium Slat Fencing


Lots of colours and finishes to choose from, including wood finish. Allows you to get a similar look to wood without the heavy maintenance.

High outright cost compared to timber or Colorbond at $200 – $250 per square meter.

Creates a sleek and modern look.

Doesn’t offer full privacy.

Easy to add gates and letterboxes.

Susceptible to scratches, which can be hard to patch on wood finish slats.

Slats can be placed horizontally or vertically and placed closer together to create more privacy.

The surface can oxidise and lose lustre after many years. Applying car wax can slow this process.

Allows airflow for more ventilation and to reduce the likelihood of wind damage.

Must avoid using solvents or abrasive cleaners that can damage the surface.

Low maintenance with minimal ongoing costs.

Can be fiddly to install (especially for DIY) as it can be hard to evenly space the slats in a given space.

Rot and termite resistant, more rust resistant than steel.

7-year warranty, which covers colour and finishes.

Very versatile material that can be built on top of retaining walls.

Fast installation.

PVC Fencing


Looks great – ideal for creating a modern or classic picket look. Well suited to Hamptons-style homes.

Limited range of colours and finishes (mostly white). Colorbond is around 20% cheaper with a diverse colour range.

Choose from picket style or a full privacy fence.

Must be handled with care, so as to avoid scratching or marking the PVC. Jiff is handy for removing marks on PVC.

Choose from straight or scalloped edges. Privacy fences can be customised with lattices on top.

More prone to cracking upon impact (such as hard balls hitting your fence) than aluminium slat fencing.

Easy to add gates and letterboxes.

Can be prone to mould staining if not hosed down regularly.

Get the look of painted wood without ongoing maintenance.

Very affordable, from $100 per square meter (1/3 the cost of aluminium slat fencing).

Rust, rot, termite and UV resistant.

Flexible to withstand wind.

30-year warranty.

Little maintenance required, so ongoing costs are minimal. An occasional wash down and spot clean is all it needs.

Installation is fast and easy – can be built on top of retaining walls and concrete post and panel can be built alongside it..

We hope this comparison can help you make an informed choice about choosing the right fence for your property. Have further questions, need personalised advice or want a quote for your fence install? Feel free to contact us by email or call (08) 9450 1626 to speak with a Team Work Fencing contractor today.

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