Pool Fencing in Perth: Thinking Outside the Box

Standard pool fencing is aluminum flat top or loop that surrounds the pool. This type of fence is easily maintained, cost-effecting and long-lasting, but there’s just one problem: it’s visually no match for glass pool fencing. Yes, glass pool fencing looks amazing! However, it’s rather expensive to install initially, and can require more maintenance than […]

Wooden Picket Fences and the Alternatives

The idea of a white picket fence is very appealing for many homeowners. Wooden picket fencing is iconic of “dream homes” throughout many areas. Because wood is easy to find and a low-cost option, it’s historically been a common fencing material. Modern options have, however, often been proven superior in terms of long-term durability and […]

Why Choose Genuine Colorbond Products?

Considering buying generic Colorbond, rather than genuine Colorbond products? Don’t do it. People are often drawn to imitation products, which is understandable. Whether it is clothing, shoes, groceries, or prescription medications, generic goods can be an attractive option because the cost is lower and an opportunity exists to save money. But, when you’re considering fences […]

Decorative Golf Fencing

Decorative fencing around a golf course provides visual appeal in addition to a practical barrier to prevent visitors from wandering where they shouldn’t go.  Team Work Fencing designs and installs this type of barrier. For more information about decorative golf fencing, or a free quote, please contact TWF today! Print Friendly

Pool Fences in Perth

Team Work Fencing can install a variety of pool fences. There are flat top, loop top, spear top, staggered spear top, circle top, and loop & spear style fences.  Although primarily used to enclose pools, this type of fence can be used for a variety of installations. Below are examples of circle top pool fencing […]

What A Fence Installation Looks Like

It takes many steps for Team Work Fencing to build a high-quality fence. The first step is to have a consult with a qualified fencing contractor to determine what type of fence will suit your needs. A tour of your property is required to get measurements to complete the design and order the necessary materials. On […]

Garden Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a fantastic landscaping choice for dealing with changing soil grade. When you decide to have a retaining wall installed, you have many options. Team Work Fencing can design and install these and a number of other styles of retaining wall. Timber Retaining Wall A timber retaining wall can be very simple and […]

Handy Tool! Now You Can Preview a Lysaght Fence on Your Property

Ever wonder what your back yard would look like with a Colorbond Lysaght fence? You don’t have to. Lysaght recently introduced a useful new tool that enables property owners to experiment with different colours and styles of Colorbond fence right from their computer. The new tool is incredibly convenient, as it provides a virtual preview […]