Painting Your PVC Vinyl Fence? Read This First!

Can You Paint White PVC Fence
Can you paint a vinyl (PVC) fence?

Can you change the colour of a vinyl fence?

There are many reasons why you might want to change your PVC fence colour. Perhaps you’ve repainted the outside of your home and would like your fence to match, or you simply want to change up the look to suit your taste. The good news is that it’s possible to change the colour of your PVC fence, which means you can get the look you desire without spending thousands on a new fence. However, there are a few things to consider about whether the process is worth it.

Can you paint PVC fencing?

Can a vinyl fence be painted if you want to change the colour? The answer is yes – although it can be a little complicated. You’ll need to prepare the surface of your fence correctly and use the right products to ensure the paint sticks, but be prepared for regular touch-ups. We’ve shared some tips for painting vinyl fencing below and other things to remember before you go ahead. 

What you should know before painting your new or existing PVC/ vinyl fence

1. Check your fence warranty

Because PVC fencing is so durable, it usually comes with an extended warranty – for example, Team Work Fencing offers a lifetime warranty on materials for our PVC fences. However, it’s imperative to note that painting your PVC fence can result in damage to the surface and may void your warranty. So always check your warranty terms before you start! 

2. Painting vinyl isn’t easy

Can you paint a PVC fence? Yes. Is it always worth it? Not really. 

Because vinyl is a smooth, non-porous surface, you’ll have difficulty getting the paint to adhere correctly. Scuff sanding your fence and using paint designed for use on vinyl will help (more on this below), but it’s still possible that the paint will peel and flake in the future. 

3. Be prepared for more maintenance

The beauty of PVC fencing is that it requires little to no maintenance – a thorough hose down is usually enough to keep it looking fresh. However, if you choose to paint your PVC vinyl fence, be prepared for this to change! Paint is prone to chipping, flaking, warping and fading, especially when exposed to the elements. Once you paint, you’ll need to repaint it regularly to keep it looking its best, similar to a timber fence. 

Still want to go ahead with painting your vinyl fence? What kind of paint should you use?

If the thought of more maintenance hasn’t put you off wanting to paint your PVC fence, check with your contractor to see if there’s a specific type of paint they’d recommend for the job. This is a good time to ask any questions about your warranty, too. 

Generally speaking, you should always choose paint suitable for vinyl use. These are usually acrylic-based paints. It’s also best to choose a light paint colour for your fence, as dark colours attract heat and can warp. Finally, using a paint sprayer is a good way to get an even finish.

Before you paint, it’s important to prepare your surface. First, clean your fence using soapy water and a hose, and let it dry completely. Then, scuff sand the surface and apply a coat of epoxy-based primer before you paint – this will help the paint adhere to the smooth vinyl surface. An epoxy-based topcoat is also an excellent idea to improve the durability of your paintwork.

Why it’s not necessary to paint your vinyl fencing

Vinyl fencing is a popular option with Perth homeowners because it requires very little maintenance. The colour of your PVC fence is embedded in the fence material – meaning there’s no need to repaint (unlike timber fences). It also won’t fade when exposed to the sun. So, painting is only required if you want to change the colour and don’t want to replace your fence. 

Painting vinyl fencing – is it worth the effort?

While it can be done, painting vinyl fencing is a big job – and it means you’re in for a lot of maintenance down the track. So we’d usually only suggest painting your PVC fence as an absolute last resort. 

Instead of painting, you could try growing a hedge in front of your fence or installing hanging planters to disguise the colour. 

If you dislike the colour of your PVC fence but don’t want to go through the hassle of painting, it might be worth considering replacing it. Chat to a Team Work Fencing contractor today to find the perfect fencing solution that suits your taste and budget!

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