Chainmesh Repair from TWF

Even the best fence needs occasional repair. If your chainmesh fence has been damaged, either by an attempt to cut through the mesh, by a vehicle, or simple wear and tear, Team Work Fencing Contractors can help.  With rates starting from as little as $200 for chainmesh repair, you’ll find it an affordable option to get your fence back to looking like new.

Chainmesh Fence in need of repair
Repaired Chainmesh Fence
Repaired Chainmesh Fence in Perth, WA

When your fence is looking tired and worn, we offer replacement of the chainmesh, as well as enhancements that can increase the effectiveness of the installation. If you’d like extra security with barbwire or razor wire, we can help. There are options available with PVC coating in green or black. Posts and rails can also be powder-coated to match!

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Basket Ball Court Black Vinyl Chainlink Fencing Perth WA
Basket Ball court black vinyl chain link fence installed in Perth, WA.

Get brand new quality security fences today with prices starting from:

  • Supply and install of 1800mm high chainmesh fence from $30 per lineal metre
  • Supply and install of 1800mm high chainmesh fence with 3 strands of barb wire on top from $34 per lineal metre

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