Enhance Chainmesh Security Fencing with TWF

When considering installing a chainmesh fence for security purposes, there are a few aspects you can look at more closely and modify slightly to increase the effectiveness of your fencing installation. Whether your main threats are people or animals attempting to go over, under or through your fence, there are options that can make simple chainmesh much more effective.

To Deter Climbers:

When choosing the height of the fence, take into account that the higher it is, the more time-consuming it will be to climb.

Another way to deter climbers is to eliminate the top rail, which can be otherwise used as a handhold. However, removing the top rail may cause stability issues depending on other factors.

The addition of barbed wire to the top of the fence makes it more difficult to climb as well. Using a 45-degree arm to affix barbed wire strands can be most effective.

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To Make Going Under More Difficult:

Adding a bottom rail, particularly if it’s anchored to a concrete footing, makes it incredibly difficult to force the mesh up to crawl under. An alternative is to bury the mesh.

Other Ways to Increase Security:

Although not incredibly common, a double row of fencing can be a great solution for many situations. Often, the space between the two rows of fencing can be patrolled, or used with sensors to help detect intruders.

To increase visibility, you can get chainmesh that is PVC coated in a contrasting colour.

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