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If you’ve been researching fencing solutions for your home or commercial property and you’re based in Western Australia, you will surely have come across Perth Colorbond fencing by now. There’s a reason for that.

Colorbond steel is widely used in Perth, Bunbury and the surrounding areas because it is secure, durable and easy to maintain, as well as cost effective. Property owners also appreciate the range of designs, colours and features of the product and how it complements most landscapes. It’s a great-looking fence!

At Team Work Fencing, we have used this brand of fencing in literally hundreds of different projects over the years, so we are very familiar with the best way to go about installing Colorbond fences on all types of properties. We also do professional repairs and maintenance on existing installations.

Here are a few photographs from some recent Colorbond installations by our team in Perth…


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Perth Colorbond Fencing Installations

You can see from the images how the fencing creates a clear boundary and adds to the visual appeal of the space. This is why many home and business owners opt for Colorbond. The fences also provide additional privacy from surrounding properties.


Fencing Installation 1:

Perth Colorbond fencing, in the popular DOMAIN colour…

Colorbond fencing installation in Perth - Domain
Colorbond fencing install in Perth – Domain


Fencing Installation 2:

In Perth, in the colour SURFMIST, with added Colorbond plinths

Colorbond fencing installation in Perth – Surfmist
Colorbond fencing install in Perth – Surfmist


Fencing Installation 3:

Domestic install, in the colour IRONSTONE…

Colorbond fencing installation in Perth – Ironstone
Colorbond fencing install in Perth – Ironstone

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Custom Colorbond by Team Work Fencing

Like what you see? Steel Colorbond fences are fantastic way to increase privacy and security while enhancing the look of your property, and there are many fencing applications. Talk to us about fast, professional installations at your home or business.

To learn more about Colorbond, Contact TWF Today! We specialize in Perth Colorbond fencing and can set up a free consultation. We also service Bunbury and the neighbouring areas.

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