Colorbond Plinths and Steel Plinth Retaining Perth

Is your or your neighbour’s property located on higher ground? When installing a fence where there is a soil height variation between the two properties, you will need some form of retaining.

Generally, it’s the responsibility of the person who added or removed the sand to ensure that the soil is adequately retained, but it is important to check the specifications with your local council.

Colorbond Allywall Black

However, for jobs where Colorbond fencing is being installed on your premises, another option exists that may be more suitable and can actually work out less expensive if conditions allow…

Plinths! Specifically, ALLYWALL & Gramline® for your COLORBOND® fence.

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Steel and Aluminum Plinth Retaining Perth for COLORBOND®

COLORBOND® plinths fill the space between the bottom of your fence and the ground. They are also used as a soil retention method, accommodating soil height variations of up to 600 millimetres. This ensures that the rail and infill do not become buried in soil which can cause rust

Steel Plinth Retaining Perth for COLORBOND®

In properties where the soil height variation is greater than 300 millimetres, a powder-coated steel post measuring 50 x 50 mm is concreted into the ground for additional stability, with the plinths then being placed on either side of the post (as in photos above).

Team Work Fencing Colorbond plinths Perth

The start of a COLORBOND® fencing installation with plinths shown on the left. Completed version on the right.

COLORBOND® Plinth Perth offers a few advantages over other retaining options:

  • Can be placed on the boundary line with the fence above, which ensures that no land is lost.
  • They integrate seamlessly into the COLORBOND® fence and are hardly noticeable.
  • Easy to repair.
  • Plinths are easy to install.

Types of COLORBOND® Plinths Perth and Bunbury

There are two types of retaining you can get for your COLORBOND® Fence install.
ALLYWALL and Gramline®, which we’ll compare in the table below:

ALLYWALL vs Gramline® Pros & Cons on COLORBOND® Fence Install

ALLYWALLGramline® Plinth
Comes with a 10-year warranty.Comes with a 10-year warranty.
Designed to retain soil 600mm high up to 3150mm wideDesigned to retain soil 600mm high up to 2380mm wide (Note that lengths of 2710mm are available for sloping sections only)
Joins together with an interlocking system that is stronger than Gramline® and stops debris from falling through.

Allywall Interlocking System
Joins together with an overlapping system that is not as strong as ALLYWALL and can allow fine debris to fall through

GramLine Overlapping System
Can be powder coated to any colour including the COLORBOND® range of colours to match your fence.Comes in the COLORBOND® range of colours only.
Won't twist and warp over time.Won't twist and warp over time.
Prevents Weeds Growing Under Fence Can be used as a Retaining wall Can be used for Raised garden bedPrevents Weeds Growing Under Fence Can be used as a Retaining wall Can be used for Raised garden bed
ALLYWALL Profile Flat Finish

Allwall Flat Finish
Gramline® Profile Zig-Zag Finish

Gramline Zigzag Finish
ALLYWALL won't rot and is not affected by termitesGramline® won't rot and is not affected by termites
Two ALLYWALL Overlapped: 300mm High

Three ALLYWALL Overlapped: 450mm High

Four ALLYWALL Overlapped: 600mm High
Two Plinths Overlapped: 265mm High

Three Plinths Overlapped: 375mm High

Four Plinths Overlapped: 485mm High

Five Plinths Overlapped: 595mm High
45mm thickness1.6mm thickness but in zig zag profile adding strength
Made from AluminiumMade from Steel
Roughly 20% more expensiveCheaper than ALLYWALL
Tested and certifiedTested and certified
Western Australia ProductAvailable throughout Australia

Gramline® Plinth

Gramline® is a retaining solution that is well suited to many applications. Made from quality pre-painted steel, it is durable, eco-friendly and attractive. The plinths do a great job of filling in unsightly gaps under your fence and keeping out grass, weeds, dirt and refuse.

This type of plinth complements COLORBOND® privacy fencing really well. It can be made to match the colour of your fence perfectly (choose from a variety of colours), and its clean lines and stylish zigzag design add an elegant modernity to your premises.

Gramline® (see example images below) COLORBOND® plinths are capable of retaining up to 600 millimetres in height and 2.4 metres in width. They do not rot, they aren’t affected by termites and they do not leach harmful chemicals into the ground.

Team Work Fencing Gramline plinths Perth

Click to view Gramline® Plinth Retaining Wall Certification

Allywall Plinth

ALLYWALL, like Gramline®, is durable, environmentally friendly and complements COLORBOND® fencing beautifully. It is also used to compensate for uneven ground levels and keep out weeds and debris. However, there are some differences and advantages.

In comparison with Gramline®, ALLYWALL plinths are flat and don a smoother finish – a look that some clients prefer. In addition, Allywall is thicker and interlocks to ensure that your COLORBOND® fence never moves. This does make the product more expensive, though.

ALLYWALL interlocking method shown below:

Allywall Interlocking SystemAllywall Interlocking System 2

Another advantage with these COLORBOND® plinths is the retention capacity. While both Gramline® and ALLYWALL can retain up to 600 millimetres in height, ALLYWALL can retain up to 3.1 metres in width. Some COLORBOND® installations featuring ALLYWALL plinth.

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Some COLORBOND® Installations Featuring ALLYWALL Plinth:

Team Work Fencing Allywall plinths Perth
Team Work Fencing Allywall plinths

Although plinths cannot be installed on every property, they offer numerous benefits on properties where they can be used – especially when supplied by Team Work Fencing Contractors.

Not only are TWF products manufactured right here in Australia, but either ALLYWALL or Gramline® plinths are guaranteed not to peel, warp or chip. It is made to last. Because there’s less waiting for concrete to set, installation is quicker than with traditional retaining options. Then, of course, under fence plinth price quotes often work out to a fraction of the cost of other retainers.

TWF Colorbond Plinths Benefits

  • 100% Australian-made.
  • Durable – guaranteed not to warp, peel or chip.
  • The perfect complementary product for your steel Colorbond fencing.
  • Environmentally friendly – no toxic chemicals.
  • Fast installation – no waiting for retaining walls to set.
  • Cheaper than traditional retaining wall options.
  • Available in a range of colours to match your fence and home.

Concrete Post & Panel

Another option offered by Team Work Fencing is concrete post and panel retaining walls, which is a favourite among residents in Perth and Bunbury because it offers the strength, durability and a variety of different looks.

Concrete and Post Panels

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