Convert Chain Link Fence to Wood Fence

Although chainmesh fences are cost-effective and utilitarian, they are not the most beautiful of options. They also don’t provide much in the way of privacy.

That’s why many of our clients choose to convert their chain link fences into wooden fences. And when there are existing metal posts already properly set in concrete, we can utilize those posts to save time and money.

When removing the old chain mesh, we can also remove the rails, unless those are in good shape and you’d like to keep them to cut down on cost a bit. If we work with the existing metal rails, we will prepare them for wood slats by drilling holes along the length for mounting.

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We can completely camouflage the metal posts, which involves removing the rails from them. We may discover posts that are not mounted well enough to support a wooden fence at this point. If this happens, we will replace them because it is very difficult to reinforce metal posts that are already mounted in concrete.

The posts will be covered on the front side of the fence automatically. The metal posts can also be covered from the back by using the same lumber as is used for the slats to build a box enclosure around them individually.


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