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If you’re looking for a Perth pool fence company that creates custom pool fences and gates, look no further than Team Work Fencing. Our team will build a unique pool fence complete with secure pool gates that not only looks great but will keep your family safe around the pool. 

There are many different pool fence styles to choose from, and we’ve outlined some of the most popular options below. 

Different Types of Custom Pool Fencing

Our bespoke pool fencing gives you the look of a designer pool fence right in your own backyard. We specialise in creating modern pool fencing with materials such as frameless glass, aluminium, steel, PVC and timber to achieve the perfect look to complement your home. Custom-designed fencing is ideal for homeowners who want safety without compromising style. 

Custom Pool Fence Cost Comparison

Custom Pool Fence     Cost
Aluminium Fence Aluminium Tubular Pool Fence   $100-$200 per lineal metre
  Aluminium Vertical Batten Pool Fence   $400 – $600 per lineal metre
Steel Pool Fencing Free Standing Round Pool Fence Posts   $400 – $600 per lineal metre
  Free Standing Square Pool Fence Posts   $400 – $600 per lineal metre
  Custom Steel Pool Fence with Rails   $600 – $700 per lineal metre
Glass Pool Fencing Frameless Glass Pool Fencing   $260 – $350 per lineal metre
  Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing   $260 – $350 per lineal metre
PVC Pool Fencing PVC Privacy Pool Fence   $130 – $250 per lineal metre
Perf Pool Fencing Premium Perf Pool Fence – Deco or Full   $350 per lineal metre

Aluminium Pool Fencing

Aluminium pool fencing is durable, strong and rustproof. This type of fence is available in two different options: a vertical batten pool fence or aluminium tubular pool fencing. 

Aluminium Tubular Pool Fence

An aluminium tubular pool fence is affordable at just $100-$200 per lineal metre and has a classic, rounded look. However, there are limited colours for this type of fence, so it may not be suitable if you need it to match existing colours in your outdoor space.

Please see page 14 of our brochure for designs and colours available off-the-shelf at budget-friendly prices. We can create custom designs and colours for you at an additional cost.

Flat top aluminium pool fencing in the colour surfmist
Team Work Fencing can custom make raked pool fence panels for pool compliance

Aluminium Vertical Batten Pool Fence

Aluminium vertical batten pool fencing has a more modern look with squared edges and can be completely customised to suit your colour and style preferences. It can be concreted into the ground around your pool before the concrete pad is laid, or it can be bolted down into existing concrete with a 100x10mm flat bar placed on the bottom. As this is a custom fence, the price is higher at $400 – $600 per lineal metre. 

Custom Aluminium Vertical Batten Pool Fence Installation in Bushmead, WA
Custom Free Standing Aluminium Vertical Batten Pool Fencing Installation Perth

Steel Pool Fencing

Steel pool fencing is a cost-effective option that can be easily customised to achieve your desired look. Steel is more robust than aluminium but also more corrosive. For this reason, steel pool fencing is put through a hot-dip galvanising process to protect it from rust.

Free Standing Round Pool Fence Posts

Custom hot-dip galvanised steel pool fencing with round posts are a popular choice, and the caps on top of the posts can be made from fitted plastic or laser-cut steel that’s welded into place. Steel tubular fencing has unlimited colours to choose from, and prices range from $400 – $600 per lineal metre. 

Free Standing Square Pool Fence Posts

Custom freestanding square pool fencing posts can be made in either aluminium or steel, and the caps on top of the posts can be made from fitted plastic or laser-cut steel that’s welded into place much like our round posts. Popular dimensions for square posts are 50x50mm and 65x65mm and can be done in your colour of choice. Prices range from $400 – $600 per lineal metre. 

Custom Steel Pool Fence with Rails

We also create custom 40x10mm steel pool fencing with railing on top for a clean look. We can install before concrete is laid or drill into existing concrete and add cover plates around the fixture to hide the cuts. This type of galvanised pool fencing costs from $600 – $700 per lineal metre.

Glass Pool Fencing

Glass pool fencing is a modern, stylish and timeless option for creating a safe barrier around your pool without metal or wooden posts obscuring your view. You can choose from either frameless or semi-frameless glass. Many variations are available for fixtures, latches and hinges, including self-close and soft-close mechanisms. Glass is a surprisingly affordable option, with prices ranging from $260 – $350 per lineal metre. 

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

A frameless glass pool fence can help you transform a tired pool area into a sleek and stylish oasis. Frameless glass gives you ultimate unobscured views while still keeping your pool area safe, secure and legal. 

Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

A semi-frameless pool fence has similar benefits to frameless glass but places metal posts in between the glass panels for a slightly different look.

If you choose a glass pool fence, remember that regular cleaning is required to keep it looking its best. We offer invisible Enduroshield glass surface treatments as an optional extra to reduce cleaning time by up to 90%.

PVC Pool Fencing

PVC fencing is fast becoming a popular choice for homeowners in coastal areas due to its resistance to corrosion from the elements. For this reason, it’s also fantastic to use around wet areas like pools and spas. PVC pool fencing is available in various styles and is affordable too, at just $130 – $250 per lineal metre. 

pool fence
PVC Pool Fencing Installation by Team Work Fencing Contractors Perth

We love how a white PVC pool fence gives that modern coastal Hamptons feel to your backyard. Or do you need some extra privacy around your pool area? Installing a solid privacy PVC fence around your pool looks elegant while giving a feeling of peaceful seclusion.  

Perf Pool Fencing

Perforated Pool Fencing – The latest range of custom pool fencing that can be supplied and installed by TWF is perforated aluminium pool fencing or “Perf” for short. An innovative new solution that is pool compliant, durable and corrosion-resistant. Perf fencing offers excellent visibility due to its precision punched 9mm holes that are very close together. Premium Perf is very low maintenance and like all custom solutions from TWF, offers a great alternative to traditional fences such as glass or tubular.

pool fence
Perf Pool Fencing – Latest addition to the custom pool fencing range offered by Team Work Fencing Contractors in Perth

Choose from two infill panel design options, premium perf full or premium perf deco. Prices start from $350 per lineal metre, supplied and installed.

Premium Perf Pool Fencing – Full
Premium Perf Pool Fence – Deco

Timber Batten Pool Fencing

Are you going for a natural, tropical feel for your pool area? Then, natural timber pool fencing might be for you. A vertical timber batten pool fence is visually stunning and looks great when combined with steel or aluminium. 

Due to timber being susceptible to damage from rot, termites and fire, it can require a lot of maintenance. However, when used sparingly as a feature element in protected areas, it can make your fence pop. 

A pool fence with timber posts has a wide variety of options for style and price, so it’s best to contact us to see what we can create to suit your budget. 

Timber Batten Pool Fence

Pool Fencing Contractors Perth

There are many fencing options to keep your pool area safe and secure without compromising aesthetics. Whichever style you choose for your pool fence, Team Work Fencing will make the selection and installation process seamless and create results that are both functional and visually stunning.

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