Facts you may not have known about HardiFence

You’ve been hearing a lot about HardiFence from us lately. That’s because it’s one of our favourite fencing types to install. It’s cost-effective, looks nice, and works will in a wide variety of situations. Which is whey we’re quite keen on providing HardiFence fencing out of the options that are available.

Here’s a few facts you may not have been told elsewhere about HardiFence:

  • HardiFence is made from reinforced cement fibre sheets, composed of cellulose fibre, ground sand and Portland cement.
  • When properly installed, the manufacturing details on the underlap should not be able to be seen.
  •  HardiFence is incredibly resistant to rotting and moisture retention, and is ideal in situations where non-combustible building materials are required.
  • This material is resistant to termites and other pests.
  • HardiFence is easy to maintain. Regular maintenance includes ensuring that the fence itself is not retaining soil, and regular washing will to help prevent staining.
  • When installing paving or paths near the fence, all concrete or brick edges should be a minimum of 50mm from the fence.
  • Contact with harmful chemicals should be completely avoided.
  • Any paint applied to the fence needs to be maintained in accordance with the paint manufacturer’s guidelines.

To hear more about HardiFence, don’t hesitate to contact TWF today! We’d love to hear from you and set up a time to get you a free, no-obligation quote!

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