Feature Fencing

Feature Fencing

Team Work Fencing Contractors offers domestic and commercial custom feature fencing solutions in Perth and nearby areas.

Identifying your main goal when building a custom fence is crucial. You can utilise feature fencing for your swimming pool area, garden or landscape to enhance your property. It also offers distinctive visual appeal while offering privacy, security and a visual boundary.

Sample Feature Fencing: Installed by Team Work Fencing Contractors Perth / Designed by Midnight Tuesday

Custom Design Fence Options in Perth WA

Feature fences offer great flexibility whether your primary goal is to improve your property’s appearance or to enhance security. It gives you a range of options in choosing not only the design but also the material for your fencing.

Feature fencing can be made from the following: wood/ timber fence, vinyl/ PVC fencing, metal, wrought iron, steel fencing, chainlink or chainmesh, brushwood or a combination of fence types.

Feature Fencing Advantages


Custom fence designs are flexible not only when it comes to fence specifications but on its entirety. Feature fencing builders can adapt your design with suitable fence materials to include features based on your requirements.


Feature fencing offers superb design specifications to elevate the exterior of commercial properties, homes, apartment blocks and buildings. It can be your property’s key visual component and provide distinctive characteristic for your home or property.


Feature fences enable property owners to combine different fencing types or materials to increase privacy without looking too restricted or confining. Custom privacy fences allow privacy to homes while maintaining the open feel.

Types of Feature Fencing

Custom Glass Pool Fence Perth

Custom Pool Fences

For most homes, the swimming pool area serves as the main focal point of the garden or exterior space. Adding custom pool fences can provide a visual outline to complement the aesthetics of your home and garden. Wrought iron, steel, vinyl, PVC or glass pool fencing are ideal fence materials for custom pool fences.

Black custom security steel fence supplied and installed in Perth Western Australia

Custom Security Fence and Gates

Security is a primary goal for property owners when building a custom fence. It is crucial when designing a custom fence to ensure the fence is strong and durable that intruders can’t get over or slide under it. Chainlink or chainmesh fences, steel fences, wrought iron and metal fences are ideal fence materials for custom security fences and gates. Custom security fencing is ideal for homes, schools, parks, industrial facilities, commercial establishments, condominiums or government infrastructures.

Theme Park custom timber fencing in Kraken Slide at Adventure World in Bibra Lake Western Australia

Custom Wood/ Timber Fencing

Custom fences made of wood is also a popular choice for homeowners. Wood fences are environmentally friendly, easy to build and offer a high-level of privacy while keeping the space open and airy. Some Perth homeowners prefer custom timber or wood fences as it complements the design of their homes. Custom wood fence is also best fencing material for noise proofing or noise reduction. Custom wood or timber fences require extra maintenance to keep it free from damage.

Custom Chain Link/ Chainmesh Fencing

Custom chainmesh fences are easy to install. It is available in various mesh sizes which you can customise to fit your fence needs. Custom chainlink fences are very secure, not easily susceptible to rust and requires very little maintenance. Custom chain link fence is ideal for gardens, commercial properties, sports facilities, tennis courts, parking space areas, parks, schools, industrial buildings or factories.

Custom White Vinyl Fencing installation in Perth Western Australia

Custom Vinyl/ PVC Slat Privacy Fencing

Privacy fences are often used to hide or block views of your property or home. Homeowners can customise vinyl or slat fences, that’s why it’s ideal for privacy fencing. There is a wide array of fence design panels to choose from. For a more traditional look and feel, solid vinyl fence panels or lattice fence panels are often a popular choice for privacy fencing. Custom fence builders can provide you with various vinyl or PVC fence styles to your liking.

Custom steel handrail and balustrade in Perth Western Australia

Custom Industrial Handrails and Balustrades

Team Work Fencing also offers custom industrial fences such as handrails and balustrades. Custom handrails are designed for safety but can also add a distinctive design element to the exterior of an industrial or commercial property.

Custom fences usually require bigger investments but the benefits outweigh the costs as a unique feature can add a lot of value as well as visual appeal to a property.

Custom Gates Perth

Team Work Fencing supplies and installs high quality custom designed gates. Fencing gates with custom designs add a unique appeal to existing and new fence installations.

Custom gates are also available in various designs. Custom-designed gates can be tailor-made to match domestic and commercial fences and gates. You can use custom gates to add security and style for your home or property.

Custom gate installations can be made from various materials, such as vinyl, wood, metals, depending on your budget and style choices. Team Work Fencing offers custom gate installations in Perth using a wide variety of high-quality and cost-efficient materials with unique and distinct designs.

Why Choose Team Work Fencing for Your Custom and Feature Fencing?

Why choose us as your custom fence builder? Team Work Fencing specialises in professional fence design, installation and fence repair solutions across Perth and the Southwest suburbs. Our past projects and happy clients are testament to our level of craftsmanship and high-quality fencing services. We pride ourselves on offering competitive, top-notch and visually appealing fences for homes and commercial properties across Perth, Bunbury and the South West.

Feature Fencing Rates in Perth

Rates for feature fences depend on design, material and specifications. Contact us to get a quick quote on your custom fence requirement or call us at 08-9450-1626.

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