Fence Maintenance Tips

There are many small steps you can take to prevent your fence from failing. You want your fencing to last as long as possible, and to effectively keep animals and or trespassers either in or out of an area. Follow these suggestions to keep your fence working effectively for longer:

1. Check on your fence.

You’ll need to regularly check your fence lines by either walking or driving the entire stretch of fence. It doesn’t have to be a particular interval, but make sure you check at least once per month, and always after a major storm or other such event.

chainmesh fencing

2. Keep clear of debris.

Any fallen branches, leaves, grass or other debris should be removed so it is not resting on or against your fence. After time, any debris that’s left on your fence can corrode the coating of your powder-coated fences, and can cause rot in timber fences. By keeping surfaces clear, you’re promoting good air circulation which keeps surfaces dry.

3. Watch for and correct erosion issues.

When there’s a heavy rain, often soil and sand will be washed away in certain areas, which can cause problems with the fence’s foundation. When you’re checking your fence lines after a heavy rain, this is something to watch for and correct, if possible. You may need professional help to complete this task.

4. Make sure posts are straight.

Over time, even the most well-installed fences will start to have posts that lean. It’s important to replace these posts as soon as you notice the problem.

5. Check wire tension.

If applicable to your fence type, check the tension of the wire regularly. Normal wear can gradually cause wires to lose tension, making them ineffective against determined animals or intruders. You can do this yourself with a Tensor Sensor, and if you need to correct the problem, you could use a product like the Wizard wires trainer and Gripple wire joiners. Or you can always choose to hire a fencing professional to complete this maintenance for you.

With proper care, your fence will provide the security you need for years to come. If you have any questions about fence repair and maintenance, or would like more information, please comment below or contact us today!

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