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Decorative Fencing for Residential and Commercial Properties in Perth

In sunny Perth, we love the outdoors. Decorative garden fencing or feature fencing is a great way to add visual flair to your outdoor space while being a practical way to create a boundary. Many property owners install decorative fence panels above retaining walls, along walkways, or to divide garden spaces.

We sell individual decorative fence panels in our online store or can custom make and install your feature fence using materials such as steel, aluminium, PVC, glass, wrought iron and timber.

Have something special you want to create or need help with feature fence ideas? Contact us for recommendations and to receive a no-obligation quote!

What is a Decorative Fence, and What Are the Benefits?

A decorative fence, also known as a feature fence, is commonly used in outdoor areas to visually enhance the space or serve a practical purpose, like dividing walkways or separating gardens from dining spaces. They’re usually partially see-through and don’t provide complete privacy.

There are many benefits to adding decorative fencing to your property, such as: 

  • Adding an artistic flair to your garden or outdoor area with different textures, patterns and colours
  • Enhancing or complementing existing architectural or landscaping features of your property
  • Providing visual division of your property from surrounding properties
  • Creating a barrier to encourage people to stay within or keep out of a particular area
  • Partially obscuring vision to specific areas to provide a small amount of privacy, depending on the fence design
  • Potentially increasing the value of your property.

Different Types of Decorative Custom Feature Fencing

Feature Pool Fencing

If you have a swimming pool, it’s often the main feature of your garden or outdoor area. Pool fences don’t have to obscure your view or detract from your pool – plenty of functional and aesthetically pleasing options are available. Adding a custom decorative pool fence is a beautiful way to enhance your pool area while providing a safe boundary and complying with government pool fencing regulations.

We recommend using glass, steel, wrought iron, vinyl or PVC for your pool fence. Using a combination of these materials together can create stunning results. Check out our Pool Fencing gallery to get inspired. 

Custom Wood/ Timber Decorative Fencing

Wood is a highly versatile and aesthetically pleasing natural fencing material. You can use it to create picket-style fences, privacy fences, rail fences, architectural feature fences… the options are endless! We also combine timber with other materials like metal or glass to create bespoke fences that are both functional and beautiful.

When choosing timber for your feature fence, remember that it’ll need regular maintenance to stay in good shape. This might include staining, painting and pest treatments – so remember to factor this in when making your selections.

Decorative Custom PVC/ Vinyl Fencing

PVC or vinyl fence panels, slats and pickets can create unique feature fences that have a big impact. Slats can be placed at different angles for a more dramatic effect, as shown here, or placed vertically or horizontally to create varying levels of privacy. We especially love PVC fencing to create a classic ‘white picket fence’ look or to complement Hamptons-style homes. It also looks great when combined with stone or timber features.

PVC is a durable, pest-resistant, rot-resistant, low-maintenance alternative to painted wood fences – we even back it with a 30-year warranty. Learn more about why PVC fencing has become a popular choice for Perth homeowners here. 

Metal Decorative Fences using Wrought Iron, Aluminium or Steel

Customisation options are endless when using metals like wrought iron, aluminium or steel for your decorative fence. Different shapes, textures and patterns can be laser cut onto the surface, and various elements can be shaped and welded for a 3D effect.

Aluminium is usually the best material for metal feature fences, especially in coastal areas where salty sea breezes can cause metals like steel to corrode.

How to Choose the Right Decorative Fence

When choosing the most suitable feature fence for your property, there are a few things to consider:

The Surrounding Environment

Will your fence need gaps for leaves and garden debris to pass through? Do you live near the coast with salty ocean air? Will your fence be exposed to sun, water, or pests? These factors all influence your fence materials and style. If you’re unsure, ask our team for advice.

The Style of Your Home

It’s best to choose something that complements the style and era of your home. For example, picket fencing works wonderfully with older federation-style homes, whereas aluminium and glass might be more suitable for modern homes. 


Is privacy your main reason for installing a fence? 

If so, choose a fence at least 1.8 metres high with minimal gaps. You may wish to consider a PVC privacy fence with a lattice top that offers good block out with a decorative touch.


There are options to suit most budgets – whether you want to purchase decorative fence panels and install them yourself or have a fully customised feature fence installed by our experts. Materials like wood and PVC can be very budget friendly – chat with our team for more recommendations. 


Materials like timber and glass can require more frequent cleaning and maintenance than materials like PVC or aluminium. When choosing your fence, you should factor this into your budget and time capabilities. 

Looking for quality decorative fencing in Perth, Bunbury or the South West? Request a quote today or shop our full range of functional and decorative fence panels online.

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