Garden Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are a fantastic landscaping choice for dealing with changing soil grade. When you decide to have a retaining wall installed, you have many options. Team Work Fencing can design and install these and a number of other styles of retaining wall.

Timber Retaining Wall

A timber retaining wall can be very simple and cost-effective, particularly for minor slop correction, although it can also be used for bigger soil variances as well.

retaining wall timber
Timber Retaining Wall in Perth

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Concrete Block Retaining Wall

Another popular option is a concrete block retaining wall. Concrete blocks are good choices because they are durable with low maintenance, and are available in a wide variety of colours and styles that are sure to fit your personal taste, as well as complement your landscaping.

New brick-colored concrete retaining wall
New brick-colored concrete retaining wall
Concrete Block Retaining Wall on Green Lawn
Concrete Block Retaining Wall in Perth

Rock Retaining Wall

retaining wall
Rock Retaining Wall

If desired, your retaining wall can be created with natural, rough materials such as large stone and rock. These retaining walls are created using a hidden layer of mortar and wire to ensure stability while providing the rustic, natural aesthetic look of stone and rock.

Stone Block Retaining Wall

stone block retaining wall
Stone block retaining wall
retaining wall
Stone block retaining wall in Perth

Stone block retaining walls are aesthetically somewhere between concrete block walls and rougher stone walls. They are a good choice for many landscapes and can easily be built around curved structures.

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