Chain Mesh Fence: How to take care of it

Chain Mesh Fencing
Chain mesh fences are very common and very easy to maintain. All you need to do is ensure that vines, shrubs and trees growing near the fence are not permitted to grow so close that they would be putting pressure on the fence, and overhead dead tree branches should be trimmed to ensure they do not fall and damage it. You should also limit contact with materials that can trap moisture, because that can eventually lead to corrosion.

Choosing Chain Mesh

There are a variety of chain mesh fence options, and choosing the right one can help ensure your fence has a long life.

  • Galvanized: Most chain mesh fences are made of galvanised steel. They usually last between 15 and 30 years with no special treatment.
  • Aluminium: An additional aluminium coating protects the galvanised steel surface. This option is an additional barrier against corrosion and usually extends the life of the fence 5-10 years.
  • Vinyl Powder Coating: Many people choose vinyl coating for their fences not only because it delivers additional durability, but it also has the bonus of colour. You can choose a colour that blends with the environment, or a one that stands out. The most common colour is black or green.

Reasons People Choose Chain Mesh Fences

This type of barrier is very cost-effective and suitable for a variety of environments. Commercial, rural and residential properties all may have uses for chain mesh.

Chain Mesh for Security

A big disadvantage with chain mesh fencing is that it can be cut easily allowing people to break in. This is unlike Garrison fencing which is made out of solid steel. To prevent this from happening a good solution is to have razor wire along the chain mesh fence which deters people from cutting the mesh. One of our friendly staff members can run you through other options for upgrading your security on chain mesh fencing.

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