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The contractors at Team Work Fencing take pride in the functionality and exterior design of our pool fencing solutions, which do not compromise on sustainability or safety. We offer a broad spectrum of pool fencing installations in Perth for both commercial and residential properties. Our solutions include a number of styles of aluminum pool fencing, semi-frameless glass pool fencing and frameless pool fencing which add value to your property while enhancing the exterior setting and landscaping.

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Neighborhoods with small children and pets require visually appealing and well installed swimming pool enclosures. Regardless of the shape or size of your pool, Team Work Fencing can design and thereafter install custom fencing solutions to complement your home or commercial property’s architectural design. Aluminum and glass fencing enable unobstructed views while allowing for easier maintenance and improved safety and security.

Our pool fencing range features glass pool fencing of which there are two types: semi-frameless and frameless. The frameless glass enclosures comprise a series of glass panels that are highly durable while the semi-frameless consists of a series of aluminum glazing posts in between individual panels of toughened safety glass.

There’s also the aluminum fencing which includes the flat top, circle top, loop top and spear top. Aluminum fencing comprises a series of modular aluminum panels made with posts or pickets passed through horizontal rails.

Team Work Fencing’s range of pool fencing consists of lines with a high quality finish to add value to your property by enhancing the landscaping and view of your pool. Because we specialize in swimming pool fencing, we are able to offer expert advice as well as the best prices for your unique pool fencing installations in Perth.

Should you decide to build pool fencing installations in Perth it is important to keep with strict regulations. Drowning is the most common cause of preventable deaths among children aged 0-5 years. Over the last 5 years, sixteen toddlers drowned in Western Australia. For each death by drowning, approximately ten children are admitted to hospital after a near-drowning experience. In the last 5 years, this statistic has included 160 children.

In Australia’s western region, domestic swimming pools are the most common location for drowning among kids aged 5 years and below, with 94% of incidents of drowning happening at locations in and around their home. Of this 94%, 31% took place at the home of a neighbor or relative. It is possible to significantly reduce these tragic incidents by being aware of the potential hazards of water in our day to day lives, using basic preventative methods, as well as learning resuscitation as a life-saving skill.

Specific laws in Western Australia govern the installation of safety barriers to enclose private swimming and spa pools. Such laws are designed to protect the lives of young kids and keep them safe by restricting their access to areas in which the swimming or spa pool is located.

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