12mm Clear CHANNEL Glass – ‘Clearglaze’ Minimalist Solution


Clearglaze Glass: A Minimalist Solution

For those seeking a minimalist aesthetic, Clearglaze glass offers an ideal solution. Here are the key features:

  1. Direct Grouting: Clearglaze glass is grouted directly into the ground, eliminating the need for spigots.
  2. New Concrete Pours: When preparing for new concrete pours, a slot can be left where glass panels are inserted and then grouted in.
  3. Existing Concrete Areas: For existing concrete areas, suitable concrete cutting can create the required slot.
  4. Height: The glass stands at 1350mm, ensuring that the top of the glass remains at 1200mm or more above the finished floor level.
  5. Side Fix Spigot Installations: Clearglaze glass is commonly used for side fix spigot installations.

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600mmW x 1350mmH, 700mmW x 1350mmH, 800mmW x 1350mmH, 900mmW x 1350mmH, 1000mmW x 1350mmH, 1100mmW x 1350mmH, 1200mmW x 1350mmH, 1300mmW x 1350mmH, 1400mmW x 1350mmH, 1500mmW x 1350mmH, 1600mmW x 1350mmH

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