12mm Clear Raked Retaining Wall Panel- Frameless


Our 12mm clear toughened glass retaining wall panel is designed for both safety and aesthetics. Here are the key details:

  • Height Range: From 1400mm to 1800mm, raked down to 1200mmH x 1200mmW.
  • Compliance: To meet pool fencing requirements, raked panels may be necessary.
  • Unique Design: Our raked panels are intentionally higher on one side of the glass. This design allows for step points or changes in height to be easily accommodated.
  • Modular Solution: We supply 1200mm wide panels with 5 different heights available.
  • Cost-Effective: Our modular raked panels offer significant cost savings compared to custom-made raked glass.
  • Efficiency: Immediate installation ensures that jobs can be completed promptly.

1200mmW x 1400mmH, 1200mmW x 1500mmH, 1200mmW x 1600mmH, 1200mmW x 1700mmH, 1200mmW x 1800mmH

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