Garrison – Pentaforce screw – DRIVE BIT



Garrison Fencing – PENTAFORCE DRIVE BIT is specifically designed for affixing Pentaforce anti-tamper screws. These high-security screws feature a unique 5-sided pentagon recess in the head, making them resistant to standard tool shapes. Here are the key details:

  • Function: The PENTAFORCE drive bit allows you to securely install Pentaforce anti-tamper screws.
  • Security Feature: The 5-sided pentagon recess ensures that only the matching PENTAFORCE tool can drive or remove these screws.
  • Availability Control: The PENTAFORCE tooling range is registered to control availability. As part of the security process, you’ll need to complete documentation with Sentinel and become a registered user of the Pentaforce driver tools.
  • Compatibility: These screws are suitable for various applications, including security fencing, playgrounds, cladding, prisons, roofing, and street furniture.

Remember that the PENTAFORCE system provides a high level of fastening security, and the drive bit is an essential component for its installation.

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