PIK – M16X100MM ROD – 4 PACK


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Description: The PIK M16 x 100mm Threaded ROD Kit is designed for extra anchoring when your PIK plinth is buried into grout. Here’s why it’s essential:

  1. Quantity: Each pack includes 4 threaded rods.
  2. Threaded Nut Inserts:
    • Each 1200mm plinth has 4 x threaded nut inserts on the underside.
    • These inserts provide secure attachment points.
  3. M16 Threaded Rods:
    • Thread the M16 rods into the nut inserts.
    • The rods protrude 100mm (approximately 3.9 inches) downwards.
    • Enhances stability and prevents movement.

Whether securing plinths, posts, or other structures, the PIK M16 x 100mm Threaded ROD Kit SS304 ensures reliable anchoring.

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