Proper Winter Fence Maintenance

Now that the colder temperatures are upon us, there are a few simple precautions you can take to ensure your fence remains properly maintained throughout the winter.

To Maintain Fences in Winter:

Make sure there isn’t sand or other things leaning on your fence. This can cause unnecessary strain as well as create areas where moisture can collect and cause damage.

Keep all shrubbery and trees trimmed around the fence. This goes along with keeping unnecessary material off your fencing, preventing stress.

Wash/rinse the fence every few months, as weather permits. This removes loose soil, salt buildup if you live near the ocean, and other debris.

Special Maintenance For Colorbond Fences:

Soil needs to be kept at least 20mm below the rails to prevent rusting. Check along the base of the fence and remove soil as needed.


If you need more advice or tips regarding how to best care for your fencing installation, contact the experts at Team Work Fencing today!

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