Rundown on Aluminium Slat Fencing

Are you looking for privacy without completely blocking out your view? Aluminium Slat Fencing or “Ali Slat” may be the answer. Aside from its low maintenance features, Aluminium Slat Fence can be customised, allowing you to complement your home or business without compromising its security features. Slat fencing is also a popular choice for modern homes as it adds an appeal and stylish look without hurting your pocket. It comes with a variety of styles powder-coated to your colour of choice. Alternatively you can select from a number of timber pattern designs including Jarrah, Cedar and Oak.


Red Horizontal Aluminium Slat Fencing and Gate
Red horizontal aluminium slat fencing


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Perth Homeowners also go for aluminium as it is very easy to maintain. Once installed, apart from the occasional wash down, you can forget all about it. You will not need stains, oils or paint to preserve aluminium fence. In comparison a wood fence requires you to do some maintenance to keep it from deteriorating. Moreover, aluminium slat fence is practical and will save costs in the long run due to its durability. Aluminium slats are available in 38, 65 & 100mm wide lengths. Consider a mixture of all three sizes for a unique look. Property owners may also install an aluminium slat fence on their own because of its hassle-free procedure; it can be a one-person team project.


Aluminium Slat Fencing Colours & Designs

There are a few patterns and colours associated with aluminium slat fencing;


Wood Effect Finish Horizontal Aluminium Slat Fencing Perth

Wood Grain / Wood Look Aluminium Slat Fencing

Gives an outstanding timber look with its powder coating resembling very closely to natural timber.


Horizontal White Powder Coated EZI Slat Aluminium Fencing Perth WA

Powder Coated Aluminium Slats

A modern and minimalist style. Team Work Fencing would recommend sticking closely to the Colorbond colour range as it’s easily matched and designed for Australian homes.


Custom Aluminium Vertical Slat Fencing

Aluminium Horizontal Slat Fencing

The most popular choice because of it’s versatility and easy install design. This type of fence is best suited to allow privacy while still allowing semi-permeable views.


Green Aluminium Vertical Fence Slats

Vertical Aluminium Slat Fencing

Offers a unique look with a close resemblance to picket fencing. Ideal for the front of your property.


White Aluminium Privacy Slat Louver Perth

Louvre Slat Fencing

This slat fencing design gives you the option to either enclose an area or open it up to views. Typically installed around alfresco areas that offer good views but can also allow for privacy or protection against the sun.


Slat fencing can be installed with gaps to suit you. Team Work Fencing would recommend gaps of 5-10mm for blocking out views into the property from passers-by. Alternatively 25mm or more will lose you some privacy but will feel less enclosed and allow for greater air flow. Of course no gaps is also an option.

The range and design for your slat fencing, from fixed panels, angles and spacing is endless. See some of our photos to help narrow down your decision. A reminder, be sure that you are familiar with your local councils standard when building a fence, especially in a pool area and at the front of your property.

Aluminium Slat Gates can be installed with 38mm, 65mm or 100mm slats with gaps to suit. Your gates will include square posts, D-latch and stainless steel hinges with frame powder coating. You can upgrade your gates to have self-closing hinges or double sided key locks.


Aluminium Slat Fencing Cost

Installing an aluminium slat fence in Perth will depend on the amount of materials to be used, the design you prefer and the lengths needed. Some factors to consider are the height of the fence, land contours, soil type and area where the ‘Ali Slat’ stands. Typically, in Perth, it ranges from $120 to $250 per square metre.


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