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Traditionally, fences were being used as borders of fields and open spaces to which the boundaries could otherwise not be established aptly. But now, the usage of fences is not just limited to country side fields or empty spaces in the cities. Even the most sophisticated homes in Perth, Bunbury and other areas, use fencing – which can heighten the “look good” factor of a place. One of the best suited fences for modern homes are the Slat fences. Slat fencing can enable you to have safer homes and significantly add to their good appearance.

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Why Slat Fencing Suits Modern Houses

Here are the reasons which make slat the best suited for modern houses in Perth, whether it is a small cosy home or a big mansion.

  • This type of fencing comes with a sturdy material made of aluminium. You will also find that there is a high quality strengthening powder that is coated on the aluminium which ensures that you have a super sturdy fence.
  • The look that the slat fencing renders is sleek and classy. This is due to the frame that is spring loaded. This framing mechanism is patented and it enables the fencing to remain intact without the intervention of nails, rivets or screws. The smooth finish and the undisturbed pattern that results from this give the fencing a neater appearance.
  • Unlike many other kinds of fences which come with single or less number of finishing patterns, slat fences can be availed in numerous patterns. This makes it easy for modern house owners to choose the fence in accordance to the exteriors of their homes.
  • With a fast paced lifestyle that all modern household owners have, there is hardly any time to waste on fence maintenance. Slat fences are easy to maintain as they are built with high quality material. Additionally they are easy to install which means a lot of time and effort is saved in this respect too.
  • When you get in touch with the right dealers of slat fencing, you will be provided with many options in terms of fencing colours as well. The usual options include light oak, primrose, silver, western red cedar, slate grey and so on. You can match or contrast these with the paint of your house, and create a coordinated look.
  • The whole fencing can be set up without any procedures that involve welding. You additionally get no-wrap, no-splinter and no-crack blades. A genuine slat fencing agent will give you a 7 year warranty as well which makes it a worthy investment.
Jarrah Aluminium fencing installation on top of brick wall in Perth
Jarrah Aluminium horizontal slat fence
Before installation of Jarrah Aluminium horizontal slat fence in Perth

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Slat fences have been created with the intention of keeping the environment clean and unpolluted. The aluminium material that is used in slat fencing is recyclable. The soil underneath the fence doesn’t need to deal with any chemical seepage and most importantly the installation process is so simple and quick that it causes the least disturbance to your home.

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