Spotlight on Palisade Fencing

There are many options for Palisade fencing solutions. Fortunately, as the experts in fencing, TWF can make recommendations that help you decide what will work best to meet your needs.

Palisade Fencing can provide an effective barrier for some of the most high-security situations, and they appeal to our clients for a variety of reasons. The tops of these steel fences include sharp points that can either be straight or curved outward to thwart climbers.


Benefits of Palisade for Security

No Footholds

Palisade is constructed of tall posts attached to rails near the top and bottom. There is no foothold between the rails, which makes climbing near impossible.

Sturdy Construction

The entire fence is made of cold-rolled steel, with each panel permanently constructed. There is no easy  way to cut through a palisade fence.

Great Visibility

Unlike walls or other barriers, it’s relatively easy to see through from one side of palisade fencing to the other. That means that intruders can be spotted either by security personnel or cameras well before they even reach the fence.

The Pale Tops

The main four different types of palisade (which can be combined depending on what you need) include:

Gothic: the traditional style most commonly used

Bent Top: a curve at the top of each pale makes climbing even more difficult

D Pale: when viewed from above, the pale appears to make a “D” shape

W Pale: the pale is split into one spike in the middle, with two angling outward

The Environmental Impact of Palisade:

Because palisade fences are created out of cold-rolled steel, they are completely recyclable. They are also hot-dip galvanized or coated with PVC which not only prevents corrosion, but also inhibits any leaching of chemicals into the surrounding soils.

Palisade deters larger wildlife, but has little to no effect on the path of small animals and wind.

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