Storm Damage And Your Fences

Did you know Perth is one of the windiest cities on Earth? We’re susceptible to strong winds all year round, but our winter storms tend to give our homes and fences the biggest beatings. 

Even though fence materials are designed to be durable and long-lasting, the extent of the winds we experience during storms here in Perth are bound to damage some fences. So, what do you do if you have a storm-damaged fence? Today we’re sharing everything you need to consider for storm-damaged fence repair and which fence materials you should choose for your best chance at withstanding Perth’s harsh winter winds. 

After some recent storms, many people are still dealing with cleaning up the damage. In addition to damage to buildings and vehicles, domestic fences have taken quite a beating. Although fencing materials are designed to be durable and long-lasting, very strong winds, such as experienced earlier this week, are bound to blow over or damage some fences. Unfortunately, Hardifence is particularly susceptible to this kind of damage.

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Storm damaged HardiFence in Perth


Storm damaged HardiFence in Perth


Assess the damage

Waking up or coming home to a damaged fence can be stressful, but it’s essential to take the time to assess the damage and make a repair plan. Contact your neighbours if necessary and be sure to use temporary measures to protect children and pets who might wander off through any gaps in your damaged fence.

When your Hardifence is blown over by particularly strong winds, the panels, which are buried in the ground, snap and break at ground level. That means those broken panels will need to be replaced.

Of course, Hardifence is not the only type of fencing to be affected by this week’s storm. Many people have experienced some kind of damage to their fences, either due to wind or debris hitting or falling on the posts or rails.

Luckily, storms like these are fairly rare, and when they do strike, Team Work Fencing is here to help you clean up and repair the damage. Please, contact us today to arrange for a time to have your fencing repaired by the experts in fence repair!


Is a wind damaged fence covered by insurance?

Many people want to know: is a wind-damaged fence covered by insurance? In most cases, the answer is yes – but it’s best to check with your insurer.

If the boundary fence you share with a neighbour has been damaged, insurers will often agree to a cash settlement so the repair costs can be split fifty-fifty with your neighbour. Each neighbour will need to contact their own insurance company and work together to organise fence repairs.

If your fence is adjoining public property such as a park or laneway, you are solely responsible for the repair or replacement of the fence. Your local council can advise of any fencing codes or guidelines relevant to your area.


Organise your fence repair – but please be patient

There’s a massive surge in demand for fence repairs following any big storm, which can cause delays in completing your repairs. It can also make repairs more expensive, as fencing contractors must cater to higher overtime wages for staff to keep up with demand. 

If you can, we recommend waiting a few weeks after a major storm before arranging your repairs with us. Of course, this won’t always be possible if you have severe security or privacy concerns with your fence damage. But if you’re able to secure your property with a temporary solution while you wait, it often means you’ll save money – and you’ll save our sanity during this busy period, too! We appreciate your patience and understanding of delays that may occur following a major storm.


Should you repair or replace a storm damaged fence?

This will depend on the extent of the damage and the type of fence. 

If your fence is a Hardifence, you may need a full replacement with an different fence type, as Hardifence materials are no longer available. Trying to patch a Hardifence with Colorbond can result in a patchy finish, or there may be gaps. For a clean and professional look, we recommend upgrading the entire fence line with a stronger material like Colorbond or PVC. This might be an expensive outlay to start, but will be the most cost-effective solution long-term.  Most other fence types can be repaired easily – speak to our team to discuss your options.


Let us make a recommendation for you.
Receive a No Obligation quote on Retaining Plinths and Colorbond Fencing Prices today!

Futureproof your fence

While we can’t guarantee your fence will withstand all fierce storms down the track, you can make some considerations to reduce the likelihood of incurring repeated storm damage. 

Have you ever wondered why your fence was damaged in a storm, but a neighbour’s fence was left unscathed? Unfortunately, it’s usually not a coincidence – winds can find a path between buildings and other structures in your neighbourhood, resulting in your fence copping the brunt of the damage again and again unless you take some precautions. 

When repairing your storm damaged fence, consider replacing it with a more durable option like PVC fencing, which has a lifetime warranty on materials. Colorbond fencing is also durable and covered by a 10-year warranty, but be aware that this may be voided if the fence is near the ocean, washed with bore water or splashed by pool water. 

Another thing to consider is choosing a fence that allows wind to pass through, rather than a full cover privacy fence. You may wish to choose PVC fencing that’s semipermeable on top or a lattice design for your Colorbond fence, which you can see in our brochure .

Check out this comparison blog for more information about choosing the most durable fence for your property. Don’t hesitate to ask our team of fencing experts for advice when completing your fence repair. 

Need storm-damaged fencing repair in Perth? Team Work Fencing is here to help. Contact us today to have your repair or replacement completed to the highest standard.

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