Summer Maintenance to Make Your Fence Last!

Fence maintenance is important throughout all seasons, but as the temperatures start to climb in the coming summer months, heat and humidity can become harmful to your fence structure.

If you ignore summer fence maintenance, you can cause more problems as time goes on. Metal parts, including hinges and joints, may start to rust. Wood could start to decay, and overgrown vegetation on the fence structures may lead to other damage.

Step 1:

Remove any dirt or debris that may have come to rest on the fence. If you leave this debris you increase the likelihood that you’ll get mildew, insect infestation or rot issues down the line.


Step 2:

Check for tree branches above the fence. If you see branches looming overhead, you may need to consider trimming the trees. In a storm, falling branches can cause severe damage to even the sturdiest of fences.

Step 3:

Inspect for warping, cracks, insects, and rust. This can be a big task, and you may choose to contact your local Perth Fencing Company.

Step 4:

Wash the fence. If necessary, a pressure washer can thoroughly clean in hard-to-reach places.

Step 5:

Double-check the latches and hinges on your gates. Because of the movement of parts, these areas can become a weak point and may require replacing or other maintenance earlier than other places on your fence.

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