What A Fence Installation Looks Like

It takes many steps for Team Work Fencing to build a high-quality fence. The first step is to have a consult with a qualified fencing contractor to determine what type of fence will suit your needs. A tour of your property is required to get measurements to complete the design and order the necessary materials.

On installation day, the team will again walk the perimeter of your property where your fence is to be installed, and mark where the fence line will be, either by laying out materials or some other means.

Then, fence post holes will be dug. Generally, the post hole will be half as deep as the fence is to be high, and three times as wide as the post itself. The posts are then placed in the hole, and it is reinforced with gravel, concrete or by other means appropriate for your soil type.

After the concrete has set, Team Work Fencing installers will begin attaching the fence’s panels or rails.


Once rails have been attached, the pickets or chain link will be installed. Then any finishing touches, such as post caps are added, and your fence installation is complete!

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