Why Opt for HardiFence in Perth?

Hardifence, also known as Super 6 fencing is exclusive to Western Australia.

HardiFence is a type of fence that is used widely for both commercial and residential purposes. If you are confused as to why you should opt for HardiFence fencing over the other alternatives, then here are some points that will get you going in this regard;

  • HardiFence uses sheets that are 7mm thick, which means that it is a very sturdy material.
  • The fence is buried 600mm deep. It comes with an easy lock mechanism which ensures that the fencing material is rooted tightly together
  • Once installed, the fencing is resistant to moisture, fire, rot and termites. This causes high durability and low maintenance, which means that getting the fence done by Team Work Fencing Contractors will be a onetime expense, or rather an investment.
  • Unlike many other fences, these come with metal caps at the top. Due to this, you will have a uniform looking and aesthetically pleasing metallic border. Also, both the sides of the fence look alike which further accentuates its looks and gives it a professional touch.
  • The composition of the material is such that it doesn’t infuse any harmful chemicals into the soil in which it is planted. It is devoid of chemicals and asbestos. This makes your fencing setup environment-friendly.
  • The fencing is especially suitable to your space if you have pets. You form a firm boundary for them and even if the pet digs in intensively, it cannot really get the fence uprooted.
  • Flexibility is another factor that drives many people to get this type of fence installed at their homes and offices. Once the material is procured, it is easy to install. Added to this, they are ready to get painted if you wish to zest them up.

The best feature of Hardifence/ Super 6 fencing is that they are dent resistant. They last longer and render great looks. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that since they are not very sturdy in the face of high winds, you might want to avoid them in open spaces. They are best suited for residential and commercial purposes.

Note that if there is a soil height differential between the two properties YOU WILL have to get a retaining wall done. Hardifence is not meant to act as a retaining wall and as such will lean or snap if there is a soil height difference. Every year when the bad weather hits Perth, Team Work Fencing is constantly repairing and replacing Hardifence sheets that have been installed incorrectly.

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