Storm Damage Fencing: How to file a claim with your Homeowners Insurance

Storm damage fencing on most homeowners’ insurance policies covers the damage unless there’s an exception stated in the policy. Not all causes of damage are covered, but usually, any vandalism, storm damage or damage caused by a vehicle are covered in most policies, but earthquake or flood damage may only be covered under specific policies.

You’ll want to first ensure that filing a claim with your insurance is going to be in your best interest. It’s good to read through your policy well before you need to use it, and know what your deductibles are and how filing a claim impacts your monthly premiums.

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Claim Storm-Damaged Fence Insurance


To claim fence damage, follow these steps:

1. Have a police report filed if the damage is caused by a motor vehicle or vandalism. If you are unsure what caused the damage, it’s a good idea to have the police look at it and write up a report.

2. Contact your insurance company or double-check your policy to make sure the fence is insured.  If it is, file a claim by contacting your insurance company and filling out their claim forms.

3. Take pictures of the damage and see if you can find a photo of the fence before it was damaged.

4. Get in touch with your insurance agent or the claims adjuster, explain what happened, and give them the photos. It may be best to do this via email so you can easily keep a record of your conversations.

5. While you wait for your claims check, contact a local fencing expert and find out about affordable temporary fencing options if you’re in need of an immediate solution.


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