10-16 Hex Head Tek Screws (100 Pack)


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Our Tek Screws are equipped with a hardened self-drilling point, allowing them to cut through mild steel without the necessity for pre-drilling. However, for thicker or hardened steel, pre-drilling might be advisable. The hex head design facilitates a rapid and secure drive into the steel, while the coarse thread is ideal for fastening to sheet metal or other thin steel. Additionally, the galvanized coating ensures suitability for most outdoor applications.

Features And Benefits:

  • Self-Tapping: These screws are self-tapping, simplifying installation.
  • Color Options: Available in all 22 Colorbond Fencing Colors.
  • Hex Head Drive: The hexagonal head design allows for efficient driving.

Woodland grey, Monument, Domain, Paperbark, Wilderness, Dune, Jasper, Surfmist, Riversand, Shale Grey, Basalt, Windspray, Ironstone, Pale Eucalypt, Wallaby, Harvest, Cottage Green

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