Timber Fencing Perth: Bayswater Garratt Road Bridge Installation 2017

Timber fencing Perth? Absolutely! At Team Work Fencing, we specialise in timber fence installations in Western Australia. Our fencing contractors in Perth and Bunbury subscribe to industry best practices and use quality recycled materials. This ensures that your fence not only looks great and serves it purpose but also has a minimal environmental impact. Fences […]

Which Storm Damage Fence Works Best and Why?

Need a new storm damage fence? A tropical cyclone or strong thunderstorm can be incredibly destructive, causing massive damage to property assets and blowing away everything in its path. Fencing such as HardiFence fences (HardieFence) and Super Six fences are no exception. Storms in Australia commonly uproot fences or damage them to the point that […]

Chainmesh Fencing- Your Versatile Low Budget Fencing Option

When you’re looking to enclose a property, it is advisable to consider different fencing options. It’s always best to choose the fencing option that works well for you. Chainmesh fencing can be a durable and versatile option for enclosing your property or space. This type of fencing is also known as chainwire fencing. Chainmesh fencing […]

Chain Mesh Cages, Storage Cages and Car Park Storage Solutions

Chain mesh cages? Chain wire storage cages? Car park storage solutions using chainmesh? Yes to all of the above, and these are options well worth considering when you need to secure your properties and possessions in a practical, cost-effective manner. Chainmesh is incredibly versatile. It’s also durable and really easy to maintain. This has made […]

Chainmesh Fencing vs. Garrison Fencing – Which One Is Best?

Should you install chainmesh fencing or garrison fencing? We get that question a lot here at TWF. The answer is that they are both really good perimeter security options for businesses and homes in Western Australia, and each one offers its own advantages. Depending on your budget, needs and preferences, one may be more suitable […]

Pool Fencing

The contractors at Team Work Fencing take pride in the functionality and exterior design of our pool fencing solutions, which do not compromise on sustainability or safety. We offer a broad spectrum of pool fencing installations in Perth for both commercial and residential properties. Our solutions include a number of styles of aluminum pool fencing, […]

Colorbond Introduces New Colorbond Fencing Colours!

Good news… New Colorbond fencing colours are available! In recent months, Colorbond has revised their colour range for the first time in over 15 years, so if you’ve been considering installing a Colorbond fence on your property, you now have more options. The colours that have been added to the range include: • Basalt • […]

Pool Fencing in Perth: Thinking Outside the Box

Standard pool fencing is aluminum flat top or loop that surrounds the pool. This type of fence is easily maintained, cost-effecting and long-lasting, but there’s just one problem: it’s visually no match for glass pool fencing. Yes, glass pool fencing looks amazing! However, it’s rather expensive to install initially, and can require more maintenance than […]