Team Work Fencing manufacture/import PVC product with protective titanium dioxide additives that is lead free as per ASTM standard.

Team Work Fencing warrant that it’s PVC fencing will not rot, rust, chip, crack, corrode or be consumed by termites for the lifetime of the product.

Team Work Fencing warrant that their PVC products are free from manufacturing defects excluding light scratching or marks of a reasonable nature due to transportation or storing of the product.

Team Work Fencing warrant the PVC fencing materials from failure for Thirty (30) Years to the original owner(s) of the property when installed, subjected to normal and proper use. Team Work Fencing will replace defective materials or refund the purchase price of the defective materials.

Team Work Fencing do not warrant against failure or damage to products resulting from installation by other persons or companies.

Team Work Fencing does not ensure on site theft, handling and storage on owner(s) site, movement in the surface where products are installed, failure of pre-existing structures (including foundations and walls), accidental damage, negligence, intentional acts of damage, fire, wind, flood, lightning, storms or other acts of God, misuse, abuse, exposure to harmful chemicals, surface discoloration due to tainted water (i.e. bore water) and pollution.

Team Work Fencing will not warrant any fencing including but not limited to hanging external items on the fence, being used to retain soil or to support other structures or items.

Team Work Fencing warrants its workmanship for 120 days from the date of completion subject to full payment being received.

All Warranty claims must be in writing to Team Work Fencing and accompanied with a copy of the original proof of purchase.

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