Chain Mesh Cages

Chain Mesh Cages Perth

Chain mesh cages? Chain wire storage cages? Car park storage solutions using chainmesh?

Yes to all of the above, and these are options well worth considering when you need to secure your properties and possessions in a practical, cost-effective manner.

Chainmesh is incredibly versatile. It’s also durable and really easy to maintain. This has made it a popular choice among commercial and residential property owners in Perth.

Chain Mesh Cage for Cattery in Perth WA

Chain Mesh Cages & Storage Cages

Chain mesh or chain wire cages are an excellent way to protect your property from theft, damage and tampering, especially in commercial and industrial settings.

Made using strong steel rails and galvanised chain mesh, the cages are commonly installed in warehouses, distribution centres and manufacturing facilities to store valuable tools and prevent access to expensive or dangerous machinery. Chain link storage cages are often used to secure high-end electrical equipment and external air-conditioning units.

Chainwire cages aren’t just for securing machines and equipment, though. They are also used to build safe enclosures for animals, such as in boarding kennels and breeding catteries. Animal shelters use them, too. Chain mesh cages are convenient, durable and safe. They are typically fitted with hinged or sliding gates for easy entry and exit.

Car Park Storage Solutions

Need a reliable car park storage solution? Chainmesh may be ideal. Storage cages can custom-fitted to individual specifications to reduce costs, maximise space and protect your assets.

Schools use chain mesh fencing for storing kindergarten and school equipment. Private property owners have custom cages installed to open up their homes and de-clutter their living space. Retail stores in shopping centres utilise chainmesh cages to store signage, shop fittings and more securely in their underground carpark areas.

Chainmesh Cage for Storage
Chainmesh Cage for Storage

Speaking of underground parking areas, custom chain mesh cages make for effective bike storage and car park storage solutions, and chain wire partitions can be installed in basements to separate specific zones or provide secure and lockable storage facilities. These parking storage solutions come in all sizes and shapes to suit most requirements.

Chain Mesh Link Fencing

Chain Mesh Applications

Chainmesh fencing is suitable for:
  • Commercial and personal storage
  • Restricted access areas
  • Factory, stockroom and warehouse partitions
  • Catteries, kennels and animal enclosures
  • Securing machines and services equipment
  • Bike storage and carpark storage
  • Above bonnet cages
  • Basement security enclosures

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