Semi Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Perth

Semi Frameless Pool Fence Perth

Your pool is a focal point of your outdoor space through all seasons. Whether you’re enjoying poolside drinks or a swim with the kids in summer, or you’re cosied up around the outdoor heater for a winter barbecue, it’s nice to have a pool area that looks inviting and ambient. With this in mind, it makes sense to choose a pool fence that looks stylish and discreet while still creating a secure barrier. Semi-frameless glass pool fencing is an excellent choice for those who want to enjoy clear views of their pool area without too many interruptions from harsh lines or metal rails. A semi-frameless pool fence is only slightly more noticeable than frameless glass but is also more affordable.

Why Choose Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing?

Our semi-frameless pool fencing system features high-quality glass and metal accessories and allows the quickest and easiest installation possible so you can kick back by the pool sooner. Each fence is made with 1200mm high, 12mm thick Grade “A” glass panels that display the SAI Global certified product mark. The design includes toughened glass panels held in place by 50 mm x 50 mm x 3 mm aluminium posts, which can be powder coated in Monument, Pearl White or Satin Black to suit your taste. Plenty of customisation options and accessories are available to help create your perfect fence – from glass gates and hinged panels to matching top caps, dress rings, domical covers and glazing rubber. We use advanced locking mechanisms from Polaris, D&D Technologies and Master Range for your peace of mind. And finally, our semi-frameless glass pool fencing provides options for homeowners with steps, stairways and sloping ground around their pool. We can install the panelling on a diagonal angle and have the glass custom cut to ensure your fence provides security where you need it.

The Benefits of Semi-Frameless Pool Fencing

Spacious outlook


Semi-frameless pool fencing offers excellent visibility around the pool, which is vital for adults who need to keep children safe around the water.

More Budget-Friendly

If you have your heart set on a glass pool fence but don’t have space in your budget for frameless glass, semi-frameless glass is a more affordable alternative.


We use 12mm thick toughened safety glass for all semi-frameless glass pool fence installations. The glass is specially treated to improve safety and resist shattering and cracks.

Spacious outlook

Smaller pools and outdoor spaces can often look ‘caged in’ by metal pool fences, and they can detract from the pool itself. Semi-frameless glass offers a cleaner, more open and spacious feel with fewer metal posts spoiling your view.

Frameless Glass vs Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing - Which is Better?

Both frameless and semi-frameless glass pool fences offer a sleek, modern look and excellent visibility around your pool. So, which one should you choose?

If you’re looking for the ultimate ‘barely there’ pool fence, a frameless glass pool fence is a great choice. It features 12mm thick glass panels held in place by small metal spigots. There are no metal posts to obscure your view, which can help create a more open and spacious-looking outdoor area. However, this crisp and luxurious aesthetic comes at a higher price.

Semi-frameless glass is an excellent alternative if you love the look of glass but need a more affordable option. The metal posts that hold the glass panels in place provide some interruptions to your view, but they’re still relatively minimal. And at Team Work Fencing, we use the same 12mm thick toughened glass for our semi-frameless systems to provide strength and durability.

Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fence Prices

Our semi-frameless glass pool fences start from $200 per lineal meter, fully installed. This price is subject to change and may increase depending on the customisations required for your installation, so please contact us for a more accurate estimate.

Professional Semi-Frameless Pool Fence Installations in Perth

Our contractors follow the WA pool fencing guidelines to ensure your fence is a safe, secure barrier that complies with local regulations. We complete professional semi-frameless glass pool fence installations in Perth, Bunbury, and the South West. Check our gallery to see a taster of our work and get inspired for your project!

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