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Installing a gate at the front of your property or driveway is a fantastic way to improve security and add instant kerb appeal. We specialise in custom manual and electric gates in Perth, Bunbury and the South West, in both swinging and sliding gate styles. If you need a gate for your commercial property, we can help with that too. Your driveway gate or side gate can be made to perfectly complement your fence, with a range of materials available to match Colorbond, PVC vinyl, aluminium slat, blade fencing and more. Check out our project gallery to get inspired!

Swing Gate vs Sliding Gate: Which Residential Gate to Choose

We supply and install both swinging and sliding gates in Perth and beyond. The type of gate you choose will depend on a few factors, including space, terrain, security and your budget. Here’s what to consider for each option: 

Residential Sliding Gates

Good for wide access points

Sliding gates are a good choice if you have a wide access point on your property – in this situation, a wide swinging gate would require (often costly) heavy-duty framing to account for extra weight and eliminate sag.

Good for sloping ground

Sloped ground can prevent a swinging gate from being able to fully open and can create gaps underneath that present a risk for children and pets.

Better for verge entries

Council restrictions may prevent you from having a swinging gate that opens outwards. Unless you have space inside your property to allow for an opening gate, a sliding gate may be a better choice.

More secure

Sliding gates are usually harder to open, which may offer more security benefits for your property.

Tracks require more maintenance

Remember that you’ll need to ensure the tracks of your sliding gate are free from debris to prevent your gate from jamming.

Cheaper to automate

If you want to enjoy the convenience of an electric gate, sliding gates are usually more affordable to automate.

Residential Swing Gates

Good for narrow entry points

If the front of your property is narrow, it may not be possible to install a sliding gate – this is because the sliding mechanism requires more than double the width of your gate to be able to open fully. A double swinging gate might be a more compact option if there’s limited space at the front or back of your entrance.

Usually cheaper to install

Swing gates are generally more budget-friendly than sliding options when using the same materials.

More expensive to automate

As swinging gates are usually heavier than sliding and require more heavy-duty opening mechanisms, they can be more costly to automate.

Classic look

Swinging gates are often considered to be more classic and ‘grand’ looking than modern sliding gates.

Need expert advice on which type of gate is best for you? Contact our friendly team to organise a site visit, measure and quote. 

Should You Choose a Manual or Automatic Gate for Your Perth Home?

There’s nothing quite like the convenience of an electric gate, but there are a few things to think about when deciding between a manual or electric gate for your Perth property.


Unfortunately, convenience comes at a price – a motorised electric gate will cost more to install than a manual gate. Sliding gates are usually more affordable to automate than swinging gates, so keep this in mind when making your decision.

Frequency of Use

If you’re using the gate frequently, it may be worth investing in the automatic option. This will save the hassle of manually opening and closing the gate multiple times daily, which can be particularly irritating if you need to get in and out of the car in the rain. On the other hand, automation might be unnecessary if you don’t use the gate often.


Electric gates can offer additional security benefits depending on the motor tech. For example, our recommended Centsys D5 Smart Motor has a vibration sensor that can notify you if the motor is being tampered with during an attempted break-in.

Residential Electric Gates: What Are The Options?

Electric gates are so convenient, and there are many ways to customise your gate with accessories such as wireless touchpads, fobs, photocells, battery backups, racks and more. We can automate gates made from Colorbond, PVC pickets or panels, aluminium slats, vertical blades and other materials to suit your home and fence. 


A reliable motor is essential for your electric gate – the last thing you need is to get stuck running back and forth trying to manually open your gate in the weather. We work with quality automation brands such as Centsys for your peace of mind. The Centsys D5 smart motor is one of our most popular options, as it offers fast opening speeds, long battery backup, app connectivity, easy programming and security sensors.

Electric Gates Cost Perth

There are many variables when choosing an automatic gate, from size to materials, motors and programming options. 


Below is a rough pricing guide for our manual and automatic gates in Perth and its surrounds: 

Price for 4m Sliding Gate Installed

Price for Motors Installed

Colorbond sliding gate

Colorbond Residential Gates

From $3,500

From $1000 D5 centsys smart

PVC Sliding Gate Modern in Bicton

PVC Gate

From $4,100

From $1200 BFT 400kg motor

Gray Slat Fence and Gates Perth

Aluminium Slat Gate

From $4,400

From $1000 Richmond

Blade double gate fencing

Blade Gate

From $5,000

From $1500 FAAC 740

Please note that this pricing is a guide only and is subject to change and variation based on your custom selections. Contact Team Work Fencing today to organise a site visit and accurate quote. 

Stylish & Functional Driveway Gates in Perth & Bunbury

We specialise in Perth driveway gates and side gates, and our team service a wide area spanning from Perth metro to Bunbury and the South West region. Whether you need a swinging or sliding gate, manual or automatic, we’ll craft a custom solution that’s both functional and beautiful. Contact us to schedule a site visit, measure and quote today.

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