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Want to enjoy the ease and security of an electric gate at your home or business? Whether you need a motorised sliding gate or an electric swing gate, we can customise the perfect solution to suit your needs. Team Work Fencing specialises in electric gates in Perth, Bunbury and South West WA, with hardwired or solar-powered options available. We can automate gates made from various materials to complement your existing fence, including Colorbond , PVC vinyl, blade fencing, aluminium slats and custom steel, iron or aluminium.

Which is Better, a Motorised Sliding Gate or Automatic Swing Gate?

It’s not necessarily a question of which type is better, but rather which type suits your space and requirements. When you’re choosing between a sliding or swinging gate, you should consider the following:

• The amount of space available and the size of the access point
• The surrounding terrain, especially if you’re on a slope
• The level of security you require
• Your budget

An electric sliding gate may be a better choice when:

• You have a wide access point (wide swinging gates can be hard to automate
• You have sloping ground that would prevent a swinging gate from opening
• You have a verge entry or council restrictions that don’t allow you to have a swinging gate that opens outwards
• You need a higher level of security
• You’d like to spend less money on automation (sliding gates are usually cheaper to automate)

Power Options: Hardwired vs Solar Electric Gate Openers

There are a few options to choose from for powering your electric gate. We can install electric gate openers that are solar-powered or hardwired with battery backup – the best option with depend on factors such as your location, access to mains power and level of sunshine. 


Whichever option you choose, investing in a robust and reliable automatic gate opener is crucial. The last thing you need on a busy or rainy morning is to be jumping in and out of your car to open and close your gate! That’s why we recommend quality Centsys D5 SMART or D10 motors for most of our Perth automatic gate installations.

Solar Powered Electric Gate Openers

Consider installing solar panels with your motor if your electric gate will be in an area with ample sun during the day. Solar is a great way to save on ongoing energy costs and means you don’t need to worry about running wires from your gate to your mains power – which is handy if you have a gate down the end of a long driveway. 


Our team is here to help you determine if solar is a suitable option for your gate, depending on your location, level of sunshine, and how frequently you need to use it. We’ll also advise on which size battery is best suited to your planned frequency of use. 

Hardwired Electric Gate Openers

Hardwiring is a good option for gates used frequently, such as at some commercial properties. We recommend the Centsys D5 SMART motor for home driveway gates, and the heavy-duty Centsys D10 motor for commercial sites. Both of these electric gate motors have battery backups in case of power outages. 

How Much Does an Automatic Gate Cost?

Perth electric gate prices vary depending on the gate size, weight, materials and type of automation you choose. As a starting point, we’ve created a rough price guide below:

Automatic Gate Type


Residential Colorbond Automatic Gate

From $3600

Residential Aluminium Automatic Gate

From $5500

Residential PVC Vinyl Automatic Gate

From $4600

Residential Blade Fence Automatic Gate

From $6100

Commercial Electric Gate

From $7000

*Please note that these prices are a guide only and are subject to change. 

Electric Gates in Perth, Bunbury & South West WA

Our knowledgeable team are here to help you find the best electric gate solution for your home or business. We’ll advise on the best materials, opening mechanisms and motors to ensure your gate is secure, reliable, and built to last. Get in touch today. 

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