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Need a secure and reliable gate for your home or business and don’t want the added fuss or expense of using an automated system? A manual gate might be the perfect solution for you. You’ll never have to worry about power outages, electrical faults, or wiring (unless you choose to add an electric keypad or lock). Instead, you can enjoy the simplicity of a manual opening gate that adds security and style to your property.

Professionally Installed Manual Gates in Perth & Bunbury

At Team Work Fencing, we can create the perfect manual gate to complement your fence, using materials like Colorbond steelPVC pickets and panelsaluminium slats or blades. We install manual sliding gates for driveways, entry swing gates and more, all with quality hinges and locking mechanisms for your peace of mind. Check out our gallery to get inspired for your project!

Why Choose A Manual Gate

While automatic gates are often seen to be superior, manual gates still have a long list of benefits that make them a simple yet functional alternative. 


The key benefit of a manual gate is the cost – they are usually much more affordable to install than an automatic gate, as there’s no wiring, motors or programming required (unless you want remote access or a powered locking mechanism). As most manual gates don’t need electricity and usually have less chance of malfunctioning, ongoing running and maintenance costs are also lower. 

Blade double gate fencing
Some key benefits a manual gate may offer:
  • Improving security by restricting and controlling access to your property
  • Adding privacy to your home or business
  • No electricity is required to operate, which means no risk of outages
  • No ongoing running costs
  • Usually easier to repair if damaged compared to an automatic gate
  • Lower installation costs, with no need for wiring or programming
  • No chance of motor malfunctions
  • Option to add electric locking mechanisms with remote control access for enhanced security (note: this would require access to power and programming, which can add to installation and running costs).

How Much Does A Manual Gate Cost?

The good news is that manual gates are usually more affordable than automatic gates, as there’s no need for electric motors, remotes or costly wiring or solar panels. If you need a lower-cost option for securing your property, a manual gate is well worth considering!

Manual Sliding Gate Prices

Manual Sliding Gates

Colorbond sliding gate

Colorbond Manual Sliding Gate

From $ per lineal meter

Manual Aluminium Slat Sliding Gate

Aluminium Slat Manual Sliding Gate

From $ per lineal meter

PVC Sliding Gate Modern in Bicton

PVC Vinyl Manual Sliding Gate

From $ per lineal meter

manual sliding gate - blade fence gate

Blade Fencing Manual Sliding Gate

From $ per lineal meter

Manual Swing Gate Prices

Manual Swing Gates

Colorbond Double Gate

Colorbond Manual Swing Gate

From $ per lineal meter

Aluminium slat gate

Aluminium Slat Manual Swing Gate

From $ per lineal meter

PVC Privacy Gate

PVC Vinyl Manual Swing Gate

From $ per lineal meter

Blade double gate fencing

Blade Fencing Manual Swing Gate

From $ per lineal meter

Please note these prices are a rough guide only and will vary depending on the customisation chosen for your gate. Contact us today for expert advice and to arrange a site visit, measure and accurate quote.

Professional Manual Gate Installations in Perth

Want to enhance the look of your property while adding security and privacy? Team Work Fencing is here to help you choose the perfect manual or automatic gate for your home or business. We provide timely, professional installs across Perth, Bunbury and the South West. Request a quote today!

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