Garrison – 12Gx25mm anti tamp screw- 25pk



Garrison Fencing 12G x 25mm Anti Tamper Screws are designed for security and tamper resistance. Here are the key details:

  • Size: Each screw measures 12G x 25mm (12-gauge diameter and 25mm length).
  • Head Design: The screws feature a button head for added security.
  • Finish: They are powder-coated black, providing both durability and aesthetics.
  • Anti-Tamper Feature: These screws are part of the Pentaforce brand, known for its anti-tamper properties.
  • Use Case: They are commonly used for affixing panel brackets to posts, ensuring a secure and reliable installation.

Whether securing fencing panels or enhancing privacy, these anti-tamper screws offer peace of mind.

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