Fibrewall Retaining

Our Fibrewall sleepers can be used on their own and be installed under steel panel fences or use in conjunction with our colour matched heavy duty posts to create retaining walls.

Fibrewall Retaining

An extruded Fibrewall stackable sleeper designed to be used both as a plinth under steel panel fences or as a retaining wall sleeper.

Comes in two sizes to easily fit your desired application, 2380mm or 3150mm long x 150mm high by 50mm wide. Easily width adjustable – simply cut stackable sleeper to desired width.


A Better Retaining Wall Solution

Traditional concrete and limestone retaining walls can be cumbersome and heavy, difficult to install and occupy precious living space.

Our innovative Fibrewall solution is:

1) Lightweight: Fibrewall is designed to be lightweight, making it easy to handle during installation.

2) Durable: Our Fibrewall solution is built to withstand the test of time, ensuring long-lasting performance.

3) Easy To Install: Installing Fibrewall is a breeze, saving you time and effort. Whether it’s for retaining your boundary or underneath fences, Fibrewall offers a smart and efficient solution.

Fibrewall Product Image

Colorbond Colour Range

Fibrewall Retaining Wood Look Drift Wood

Driftwood Timber Look

Fibrewall Island Grey Wood Look for retaining

Island Grey Timber Look

How to install under fences.

Insert Fibreall panel into posts and lower to ground level

Ensure sleeper is level, then pre-drill and screw fix through posts using appropriate fixings to secure Fibrewall panel

Complete fence installation as per manufacturers instruction

Easily Stackable!

1 Sleeper
150mm high
2 Sleeper
280mm high
3 Sleeper
410mm high
4 Sleeper
540mm high

Create a retaining wall with our new heavy
duty retaining wall posts and sleepers.

Fibrewall Retaining

Posts are colour matched to sleepers. All material is durable pre coloured fibreglass material with a 10 year warranty. Walls up to 1200mm high may be quickly and easily constructed.

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