Centsys D10 Smart – Industrial Sliding Gate Motor Kit


The Centurion Centsys D10 Smart Kit includes the following components:

  • 1x Centsys D10 Turbo Sliding Gate Opener
  • 2x Centsys Nova Remote Controls
  • 1x Pair of Manual Over-Ride Keys
  • 1x Hardware Mounting Pack
  • 4x 1m Gate Racking
  • Battery Backup
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Choosing the right sliding gate opener goes beyond mere functionality—it’s about enhancing security and ensuring reliability. The CENTSYS D10 Smart, originating from the security-focused landscape of South Africa, consistently demonstrates its ability to safeguard your property while providing dependable, unfailing service with every use.

  • Ultimate High-Volume Performer: Designed for heavy-duty demands, the D10 Smart handles gates weighing up to one ton.
  • SMART Technology: Enhanced with award-winning SMART technology, this system sets a new standard in gate automation.
  • Seamless Installation: Built with SMART hardware for an easy installation experience.
  • Top-Notch Security Features:
    • Built-in vibration sensors for break-in protection.
    • Patented theft-deterrent cage.
  • Dedicated Accessory Tray: Ample space for additional accessories, such as GSM devices.
  • Reliability and Security:
    • Sealed gearbox keeps out the elements.
    • Enhanced, more secure manual release mechanism.
    • Robust die-cast aluminum gearbox paired with a high-torque DC motor.
    • 24V battery backup ensures uninterrupted convenience even during power outages.
  • Advanced Diagnostics: Monitor system health in real time using in-app diagnostics.
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