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Feature Fence with Colorbond and Decorative Fencing Perth WA

Residential/ Domestic Decorative Fencing Panels in Perth, WA

Team Work Fencing Contractors offer an array of decorative options. Almost any colour and style imaginable is available to enhance the appearance of your home and property.

Decorative solutions are usually offered in aluminium and steel, but you may also want to consider a fence made with other materials, such as wood.

Many people choose to install decorative fencing along walkways, above retaining walls or to divide the landscaping in a visual or practical way.

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Benefits of Decorative Garden Fence Panels

  • Enhances the overall appearance of your garden or other landscaping
  • Provides visual division of your property from adjacent property
  • Encourages people and some animals to stay within, or outside of, a specified area
  • Can increase your property value
  • Offers a decorative option that works with many architectural and landscaping choices

Decorative Aluminium or Steel Fence?

Steel is considered stronger and more durable, except in certain circumstances. However, it is also heavier and more expensive.

You do not want to use steel fencing if you live near the ocean, as coastal breezes carry salt water, which can corrode steel fences even with the best protective coating. Because of this, TWF recommends aluminium to most of our clients.

When to Use Decorative Fencing

Decorative Fences can be used in many ways. Many are sturdy enough to keep calm dogs in your yard, but should not be tested with more determined animals. It can also visually separate areas of a garden or yard (garden screening), and may deter people from casually wandering through your yard, but is not a viable security option. Most decorative options provide very little in the way of privacy.

Other decorative garden fences include wooden trellis fence, lattice fence and tubular fencing. For more garden fencing design ideas send us a message.

Decorative Fencing and the Environment

Most solutions have a minimal environmental impact. They do not block plant matter, wind or animals from moving freely throughout the area, and our aluminium fences do not react or corrode with exposure to oxygen or water. Aluminium and steel also do not attract any pests, nor do they rot.

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