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Perf Pool FencE

If you’re searching for a durable, practical and visually appealing solution to secure your pool area, consider a perforated pool fence. Also known as ‘perf’ pool fencing, it’s made from sheets of perforated marine-grade aluminium, with tiny 9mm holes punched close together to provide excellent visibility similar to glass. But unlike frameless glass or semi-frameless glass fences, perf pool fencing won’t become cloudy from splash marks and grubby fingerprints – meaning you can spend less time cleaning your pool fence and more time enjoying your pool!

We install perforated pool fences in Perth, Bunbury and South West WA. If you want to save money with a DIY installation, you can also purchase perforated pool fence panels and accessories directly from our online store.

What Is Perf Pool Fencing?

Perf pool fencing is made from perforated marine-grade aluminum. Due to the perforations, it has great transparency (similar to glass) without the hassle of frequent cleaning. It’s easily customizable and can be powder coated in various colors or printed with custom patterns to add a decorative touch or extra privacy.

The Benefits of Perforated Pool Fencing

Strong and durable perforated aluminium pool fencing is perfect for both residential and commercial properties. Discover the benefits below!


Perforated pool fencing is designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions here in WA. It features smash-proof and corrosion-resistant 5052 marine-grade aluminium that’s pool fence compliant and certified to meet Australian safety standards AS1926.1.


Visibility is so important around the pool, especially if you need to supervise children. Perforated aluminium pool fencing has many 9mm punctures placed close together to achieve great visibility, similar to glass.
Perf Pool fencing

Less Cleaning

Love the idea of transparent glass but hate the thought of frequent cleaning to keep it crystal clear? Cloudy glass pool fences can quickly lose their appeal, so if you’re time-poor or just prefer a lower maintenance alternative, perforated pool fencing can be a great choice. It’ll still need an occasional hose and brush down to remove dust, debris and other marks or residue, but it needs significantly less cleaning than glass.

Great Airflow

While we love all the sunshine here in Perth, the summer heat waves can get pretty unbearable. Mesh pool fencing lets plenty of fresh air through so you can enjoy the summer breeze while relaxing by the pool.
Visibility is so important around the pool, especially if you need to supervise children. Perforated aluminium pool fencing has many 9mm punctures placed close together to achieve great visibility, similar to glass.

Different Types of Perforated Pool Fencing

The good news is that perforated pool fencing can be completely customized with various colors and patterns to suit your space. Please note that black and monument are stocked colours, anything else needs to be custom made and drastically increases the cost. You can choose from two different range designs of perforated pool fencing that offer a little less visibility and more privacy around your pool – and they look stunning too. Please see our palm and plain design patterns below.

Perf Pool fencing

Your perf pool fence can be cut to fit your measurements, panels can be up to 2200mm wide. Supply us with your measurements, and we’ll do the rest – easy!

How Much Does Perf Pool Fencing Cost?

Professionally installed, our perforated aluminium pool fencing costs from $300 per lineal meter. This price point is similar to glass but more expensive than our floating batten or standard aluminium pool fences.

DIY installation is a great way to save money on your new perforated pool fence. We stock plain and palm print perforated pool fence panels and gates in our online store, along with frame kits and other accessories. Our friendly team are here to help you select all the materials you need for your project and can provide expert advice for the installation process.

Custom Perforated Pool Fencing

We love perf pool fencing for its customisation options. You can choose from standard black or Monument (dark grey) powder coating or have your fence powder coated in a selection of custom colours to suit your taste. There’s also the option of adding perforated patterns to your fence to add more privacy or creative flair. Please remember that any customisation will raise the cost of your perf pool fence. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free estimate and to see possible customisation options.

Professionally Installed Perforated Pool Fencing in Perth & Bunbury

Want security and high visibility around your pool without all the glass cleaning battles? Perforated pool fencing is sleek, modern and made to withstand the harsh Aussie climate. It looks great used in combination with other fencing materials or on its own and can easily be customised to suit a range of styles and applications. Team Work Fencing contractors install perforated pool fences in Perth, Bunbury and the South West. Request a free estimate for your project today!

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