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For high security installations, the fencing contractors at TWF recommend Palisade high security fences. When properly installed, Palisade can deliver the highest level of protection from intruders and vandals. Solid rolled pale sections are securely and permanently fastened to horizontal members, creating a high-security, solid-steel barrier.

Palisade installations can be over 4 meters high, and the top of each pale is formed into spikes. The spikes, along with an absence of footholds, will almost completely discourage any climbing attempts. It does not obstruct the view of security cameras or personnel, making it a truly great security option.

Palisade high security fencing is made-to-order and installation is relatively fast because there is no welding, cutting or drilling done on installation day.

Types of Palisade

There are several different styles available, which are distinguished by their pale tops. Gothic palisade is a traditional style. Bent top palisade bends over the outside of the fence, making it even more difficult for someone to climb. Palisade featuring W pales have one centre spike, and two spikes angling outward, forming the ā€œWā€ shape. D shape pales look like a ā€œDā€ when looking at them from above. Many pale types can be hybrids, such as D pales that are also W pales, which may be bent top as well.

Why Use a Palisade Fence?

  • Delivers high-security protection
  • Very little maintenance required
  • Can be used in many applications
  • Cost-effective and affordable

Palisade and the Environment

Palisade fencing is made of steel, making it completely recyclable. It is either hot dip galvanised or PVC coated prior to installation, which ensures it will not corrode or leech chemicals into the environment.

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