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At Team Work Fencing, we provide many options for high-quality, effective, and visually-appealing security fencing. One of the most popular and cost-effective of these options is Chainmesh security fencing, which can be used in a number of applications.

Chain Link Security Fencing with Sliding Gate

Chainmesh fences give many options for security applications. In temporary set-ups, such as it can be quickly installed and taken down. For high-security applications, barbed wire can be added and thicker-gauge wire can be used to further deter trespassers.

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Reasons to Use Chainmesh Security Fencing:

  • Cost-effective – This low-cost fence can be scaled up to meet even the highest security standards
  • Easy visibility – Chainmesh provides high visibility, making it ideal for use with security personnel or cameras
  • Fast installation – It can take as little as a few hours to install temporary chainmesh fencing. High-quality security fencing installations can take a few days (depending on the scale of the project) because the concrete to anchor the posts needs to cure
  • Scalable – When you need a larger area covered, or would like additional security measures such as barbed wire added, most of the time your existing materials can remain, with more fencing simply added on
  • Visually unobtrusive – Chainmesh is a common sight in many residential and commercial areas because it does not clash with existing decor, wildlife, or architecture

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