Decorative Fencing

Commercial/ Industrial Decorative Fence Panels in Perth, WA

Decorative fencing for commercial and industrial applications can deliver the perfect finishing touch to complement your landscape adding appeal and interest to the exterior of any building.

Decorative options come in many different aluminium styles. With so many designs to choose from, you will be pleased to find a solution that perfectly fits your project.

An ornamental decorative fence can make outdoor patios for cafés and restaurants just a little more special, encouraging guests to stay!

Decorative Commercial Fence

Fence/ Gate Decorations & Designs

Most decorative fencing is finished with a black powder coat. At TWF, we mostly offer aluminium designs because they weather the salty coastal breeze best.

Commercial designs include many combinations of:

  • Modern design
  • Traditional design
  • Crosses
  • Loops
  • Spears
  • Rings
  • And more!

Decorative Fencing and the Environment

Metal fences are mostly recyclable, and since they require very little maintenance, they also have a very long life, which keeps waste out of the landfills. While not designed for security purposes, decorative barriers around perimeters helps discourages people from wandering onto land under reconstruction, or other areas where reducing human impact is desirable.

The Fencing Contractors at TWF use industry best practices to ensure a minimal footprint throughout installation. Although decorative fences do not restrict the movement of small wildlife, insects or water, they may help discourage larger wildlife from wandering around populated areas.

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