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Looking for COLORBOND® fencing contractors in Perth and Bunbury? Look no further than Team Work Fencing. Servicing both residential and commercial clients across Western Australia, we provide installation of quality gates and fences for both residential and commercial clients, as well as fence repairs across Perth. Our functional designs provide security, privacy and will enhance the look of your property. Call us for an obligation free fence quote.


Decorate your home’s exterior with Team Work’s attractive Colourbond fences. With 14 Colorbond colours available, we will create a custom fence design and solution to suit your property. Team Work Fencing offers COLORBOND® Fence Installation in Perth and throughout Western Australia which includes fencing supplies, Colorbond fence installation and fence repairs. COLORBOND® is made of Bluescope Steel and provides a smooth, attractive finish and a durable solution. It is ideal for fence repairs as it will last for years to come. The benefits of COLORBOND® Fencing include:

  • Durability
  • Unbeatable quality
  • Highly affordable
  • Wide range of COLORBOND® Fencing Colours & Schemes
  • Low-maintenance
  • Colorbond Fence Perth and Bunbury!

For more information go to Residential COLORBOND® Fencing or Get a Quote for fencing price estimates.

Feature Fence

Looking for feature fencing that stands out?

When choosing a fence, there is no one size fits all solution. For homeowners who want a custom fence with visual appeal that accentuates and elevates their outdoor space, a feature fence may be the best option.

Feature fencing adds value to your home and will be beneficial in the long run. Standard fences may be an ideal cost affective resort but if you are looking for options to add high quality aesthetics and flexibility to your garden or landscaping design, consider feature fencing that offers a range of options to customise and combine fence materials without sacrificing the privacy and security components.

For feature fencing prices, please request a quote. For more information please visit Feature Fencing.

Hardwood Timber Fencing

Decorate your home’s exterior with Team Works’ attractive timber fencing. Get timber and garden fencing design inspirations from us! Team Work Fencing provides range of hardwood timber or wooden fences for residential applications. Whether you are looking for timber gates, posts, timber slats, paling fence or hardwood fence posts we are your fencing contractor in Perth, Bunbury area. Checkout out our Timber Fencing solutions.

Chain Link Fencing

Looking for a reliable security chain wire fencing that won’t break the bank?

Chain Link Fencing is an excellent option when you need to secure your property in Perth or Bunbury on a budget. Durable and versatile, Chain Mesh fences can be installed almost anywhere on your commercial or residential property, and it comes in variety of sizes and heights. For enhanced protection and aesthetics, our fencing specialists can provide chain link fence installation with a number of custom features. All chain mesh/ wire fencing installations are handled quickly and in professional manner.

For fencing prices please Request a Quote. For more information please visit Chain Link Fence 

Pool Fencing

Full range of pool fencing available. Team Work Fencing offer functionality and design with its range of available custom pool fences. If you’re looking for a Swimming Pool Fence installation in Perth, Western Australia visit our Pool Fence page for more information and pool fence cost estimate. We install glass pool fencing and aluminum pool fencing.

What We Offer

We cater for a wide range of clients in Perth and Bunbury and can provide skilled fencing contractors for the following jobs:

Commercial Fences

commercial Fencing

Team Work Fencing Contractors offer fence installation and repairs in Perth for commercial and industrial applications. From Security Fencing, Chainmesh, Garrison, Rural and Decorative Fencing, we guarantee to have the right solution for you.

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Domestic Fences

Home Fences

Team Work Fencing Contractors have a number of residential fencing solutions to offer. Whether you are looking for Colourbond Fence Installation, PVC fencing, DIY PVC fencing Decorative fence designs, pool fences, we have the styles and options that will fit your needs and your budget.

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Why Choose Us

Why choose us as your fence builder in Perth and Bunbury? Our fencing contractors are dedicated to delivering work on time, on budget and with best workmanship possible. Choose from a wide range of attractive and functional fence designs: metal, cyclone, steel, rural/ garden fence, aluminum, wood, modern fence design, pool fence or timber fences. We also provide asbestos fence replacement/ removal.