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Swimming pools are as much a part of the Australian lifestyle as kangaroos, koala bears and the Melbourne Cup. But without secure fences, the safety of your property and loved ones remain at risk, so organise your installation today. Of course, a good pool fence also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your premises.

Here at Team Work Fencing Contractors, we take great pride in the functionality and design of our custom fencing solutions. All swimming pool fence installations are handled with speed and professionalism by our experienced team, and no job is too big or small for our pool fencing experts.

Glass pool enclosures and fencing are used to secure pools in homes, schools, aquatic facilities and commercial properties throughout Western Australia including Perth and Bunbury. In fact, it is required by law now that all private swimming and spa pools deeper than 300 mm have a compliant barrier that restricts the access of young children to the pool area. The reason? Accidental drownings and injury.

Your fence doesn’t have to be an eyesore, though. Quite the contrary. These days, there are various types of pool fences that can be installed in many different colours and decorative styles. They are designed to not only provide security and safety but also complement the landscape of your property. Moreover, these fences offer easy maintenance and convenience.

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Pool Fencing Types

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

glass pool fencing perth

Want a fence around your swimming pool that is safe, attractive and secure? Consider the modern designs of frameless glass pool fences. These sturdy enclosures are made using a series of highly durable safety glass panels, and once installed, your fence appears almost invisible to the naked eye. This offers a clean, crisp aesthetic that beautifies the exterior of any property.

The toughened safety glass is specially treated to resist shattering and cracking while providing an impressive height of 1200 millimetres. The polished edges and tipped corners of the glass (which measures 12 millimetres in thickness) are smooth to the touch, ensuring a safe and enjoyable outdoor swimming pool experience and a spacious and elegant appearance. The glass is held in place by specialised spigots located at the bottom of the panels, which are either bolted or concreted into the ground.

At Team Work Fencing Contractors, we design and install frameless glass fences and supporting retaining walls to your exact specifications, regardless of the pool’s shape and size. Ask about our powder-coated colour options and clear or frosted glass. Gates and hinged panels can also be installed, with state-of-the-art locking mechanisms provided by D&D Technologies.

Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Semi-frameless pool fencing installation in Perth

For an updated and fresh swimming pool barrier, the semi-frameless glass fence is always a quality choice. Providing a clear and unobstructed view of the pool area, this design incorporates 50 mm x 50 mm x 3 mm aluminium posts between safety panels. The glazing posts are powder-coated to deliver superior corrosion resistance and durability for years to come.

Like frameless designs, the glass panels are treated to resist shattering and cracks while offering a smooth top edge and tipped corners for safety. Panels are held in place by the aluminium posts and a spigot system. Some property owners prefer semi-frameless because this style tends to make the fence only slightly more noticeable. This can be a significant design factor for fencing located adjacent to parking lots or driveways, for example. It also provides a crisp and clean visual like that of the frameless option.

Semi-frameless glass pool fencing comes in a variety of colours and frosted designs. The 10 mm panelling can even be modified to provide slanted panels along stairways, exterior ramps, and sloping ground. In addition, glass gates and hinged panels are available, along with advanced locking mechanisms. In some cases, retaining walls may be installed to support the enclosure.

Aluminium Pool Fencing

pool fencing bunbury

For homes and commercial properties with a traditional design, aluminium pool fences provide a more classic look. There is no glass involved. Rather, the fencing is made using modular aluminium panels with 16-millimetre posts or pickets passing through horizontal rails. The rust-free posts are welded to the rails in six different locations, providing incredible durability.

With this type of installation, individual panels can be custom-designed to fit oddly shaped or irregularly sized locations. In cases where the ground surrounding the area is sloped or slanted, aluminium swimming pool fences make it possible to produce fencing solutions that mimic the slanting ground below. Rake aluminium panels can be designed to overcome potential landscaping challenges of stepping ground, as well. As a bonus, there are many styles to choose from, even more so than with glass pool fencing.

Flat Top design is simple and elegant, consisting of an upper and lower aluminium rail welded to individual vertical pickets. Eumundi provides a third rail placed 125 mm below the upper rail for a robust look. Picket is similar to Eumundi, only without the very top rail. Then, there is the Loop Top fence, which is made with curved, u-shaped posts for an added dose of individuality.

Pool Fence Installation Gallery

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Pool fencing designs - Team Work Fencing Pool Fence/ Pool Safety Panels Benefits

A few reasons to add a fence around your pool:

  • Increases security, keeping out unsupervised children and pets
  • Available in a range of styles and colours
  • Easy and inexpensive to maintain
  • Adds value to your property
  • Durable – proven to withstand Australian weather extremes

Pool Fencing Applications

Installations are suitable for:

  • In-ground and above-ground swimming pools
  • Spa pools and hot tubs
  • Hotels, health clubs, schools and universities
  • Waterfront properties
  • Residential and commercial properties

Trust Team Work Fencing Contractors

Looking to install swimming pool fencing in your Perth or Bunbury pool? Give us a call. With decades’ worth of collective pool fence installation experience, you can trust Team Work Fencing to get your job done quickly and professionally.

All of our products are manufactured and installed in compliance with Australian safety regulation codes, having been independently tested by NATA approved laboratories. As a result of our extensive testing practices, we are able to offer a 10-year warranty on all swimming pool fences, gates and screens, as well as hinged panels, retaining walls and balustrade.

Whether you need aluminium pool fencing, frameless glass fencing or semi-frameless glass swimming pool fencing, our specialists have got you covered.

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