Colorbond Fencing in Perth

Colorbond fencing Perth installationsFew options are better than Colorbond fencing Perth when your property in Western Australia requires a secure, hard-wearing fence that complements its unique décor.

At Team Work Fencing, our experts have been installing original Colorbond products for well over a decade. Fast, professional service is guaranteed when you choose us.

Steel Colorbond fences are strong, secure and attractive. They require little maintenance and make a great investment that adds appeal and value to almost any building or landscape.

Available in a plethora of colours and styles, this type of fencing is great choice for property owners looking to spruce up the appearance of their home or business premises while adding a barrier that provides reliable security.

Colorbond Fencing Perth Benefits

> Durability

Colorbond is tough. Designed to endure Australian weather extremes, the fencing provides several layers of protection, preventing chipping, cracking and peeling. Because it is made from steel, it will never rot or be eaten by termites. Colorbond fence panels are essentially fireproof. This makes them perfect for properties in areas prone to bushfires.

> Security & Privacy

When you have Colorbond fencing on your property, there are no vertical openings that people can look through, so your home or business remains private and out of view. Furthermore, there aren’t any secure hand and footholds, so the fences also serve as a secure barrier that can help keep unwanted callers off your premises.

> Design Flexibility

Numerous design options are available with Colorbond. Offering attractive and crisp lines, the appropriate design can look right at home on almost any type of property. The wide range of classic and contemporary colours (see Colorbond colour chart) enables you to complement the most visible features of your home or business perfectly.

> Easy Maintenance

Maintenance is incredibly quick and easy. In fact, there is hardly any maintenance involved with Colorbond fencing Perth. All that is required to extend its life and preserve its attractiveness is the occasional hose down or wipe down with some water. In applications where the fence is exposed to rainfall repeatedly, washing isn’t even necessary.

> Low Environmental Impact

Since steel is completely recyclable, Colorbond fence installation is an eco-friendly option. Colorbond is also produced using a process that creates very little scrap when being installed, and even that is easily recycled. Because the fencing is not susceptible to termites or other harmful pests, there is no need to apply toxic chemicals and pesticides.

Colorbond Fencing

Colorbond Fencing Applications

Colorbond is suitable for:

  • Carports
  • Walls and gutters
  • Sheds
  • Cubby houses
  • Residential and commercial applications

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