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PVC Vinyl fencing is a great solution for many domestic applications. It’s made from essentially weatherproof vinyl material that will never need painting or refinishing.

Is PVC Fencing Expensive?

PVC fences are cost-effective and deliver a decorative solution that is very practical and resistant to pests and decay. It won’t rot or corrode in damp climates, and is great for applications along the coast where sea breezes carry salt which negatively affects most other building materials.

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PVC Vinyl Fence Benefits

  • Gives the same look as painted decorative wood fences, without the required maintenance
  • Can be customized for nearly any application
  • Can be combined with other materials for a unique look
  • Stronger and more flexible than wood fencing
  • Available in a wide variety of textures and colors

Which Fence is Better Wood or Vinyl?

Using vinyl for building materials is becoming increasingly more common throughout the world. It provides the same aesthetic qualities, but without requiring painting. PVC won’t rot, chip paint, or attract pests. It’s virtually maintenance free! Many people choose PVC fencing for decorative purposes.

Is PVC Vinyl Fencing Safe?

The PVC used for fencing materials is chemically inert, meaning it does not leech dangerous chemicals into the surrounding soil. It’s also less likely to need replacing, which means a longer lifetime of use and less waste in the landfills.


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