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PVC Fencing Contractor in Perth, WA

Perth homeowners can rely on PVC fencing for its style, low maintenance and cost-effectiveness. Team Work Fencing can supply and install PVC fencing in Perth, Bunbury and the South West region. Call today to have a sample dropped off or look at our brochure to get a feel for what has become the fastest-growing fencing product in the Team Work Fencing range.

Our team of fencing contractors has over a decade of experience. Therefore you can feel confident that we will install your PVC fencing with close attention to detail and care.


Is PVC Fencing Expensive?

PVC fences are cost-effective and deliver a decorative solution that is very practical and resistant to pests, decay and rust. It won’t rot or rust in damp climates and is excellent for applications along the coast where sea breezes carry salt, affecting most other building materials.

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PVC Vinyl Fence Benefits

PVC vinyl fence benefits are wide and varied, making them the perfect option for Perth and Bunbury homes:

  • Gives the same look as painted decorative wood fences, without the required maintenance
  • Can be customized for nearly any application
  • Can be combined with other materials for a unique look
  • Stronger and more flexible than wood fencing
  • Available in a wide variety of textures and colors


Which Picket Fence is Better Wood or PVC?

Using vinyl for building materials is becoming increasingly common worldwide. It provides the same aesthetic qualities but without requiring painting. PVC fencing won’t rot, chip paint, or attract pests. It’s virtually maintenance-free! Many people choose PVC fence for decorative purposes.


Is PVC Vinyl Fencing Safe?

The PVC used for fencing materials is chemically inert, meaning it does not leech dangerous chemicals into the surrounding soil. It’s also less likely to need replacing, which means a longer lifetime of use and less waste in landfills.


Transform Your Home with PVC Picket Fencing Perth

It might be cliche, but there’s a reason a white picket fence comes to mind when most of us picture our dream home here in Perth. It’s hard to pass up on timeless suburban beauty. Experience your slice of the Australian dream with a PVC picket fence perfectly suited to your home.

Increase your home’s street appeal with PVC picket fencing in Perth that complements your aesthetic:

  • Gothic Scalloped
  • New English Flat
  • Modern PVC
  • Hamptons Style PVC

Team Work Fencing can keep your PVC picket fence in great shape for the foreseeable future too. Our team can provide ongoing maintenance and fence repairs to keep your PVC fencing looking great for years to come.


PVC Privacy Fencing Perth

Block unwanted eyes on your home with a PVC privacy fence. These fences are both functional and stylish so that you can have the best of both worlds.

A PVC privacy fence does more than block the view of passersby. Sleep easier with reduced noise from the street, thanks to air pockets in your PVC fencing. You’ll also enjoy greater landscape flexibility, being able to put plants as close to the fence as you like without the risk of damaging it, and unlike other materials, it will not rust or rot.

If you’re looking for a PVC privacy fence for your home, Team Work Fencing has the expertise to help. Our team can provide you with a no-obligation quote on PVC fencing for your home. Contact us today for an obligation free quote.


DIY PVC Fencing

Do you want to save money by installing your own PVC fence? With the assistance of Team Work Fencing, you can design and construct a beautiful, long-lasting, and low-maintenance fence at home for a fraction of the cost of a professional installation. Whether you want to build a DIY privacy fence, a DIY picket fence, or something more decorative, we’ll provide high-quality materials and all the expert help you need to get it done.

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PVC Fencing Cost


PVC Fence Type


Modern PVC Fencing Style Perth Cost

Modern PVC Fencing

Starts at $120 per lineal metre

PVC Fencing Hamptons Style Perth Cost

Hamptons Style PVC Fencing

Starts at $150 per lineal metre

PVC Picket Fencing ang Gates - New English Flat Style Perth Cost

New English Flat PVC Fencing

Starts at $130 per lineal metre

Gothic Scalloped Style PVC Fencing Perth Cost

Gothic Scalloped PVC Fencing

Starts at $140 per lineal metre

PVC Privacy Fence Perth Cost

Full Privacy PVC Fencing

Starts at $130 per lineal metre

PVC Privacy Fencing with Lattice Top Perth Cost

Full Privacy PVC Fencing with Lattice on Top

Starts at $130 per lineal metre

Rural PVC Fencing Perth

Rural PVC Fencing

Starts at $70 per lineal metre


PVC Fencing Project Photos

Check out our past PVC/ Vinyl fencing projects:


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PVC Fence Photos


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